50 small activities to do at home!

Obviously some days we can’t or don’t want to leave the house so I’ve listed some ideas I’ve done:

1. Doing the family tree

2. Playing with sand

3. Making shapes with the left over puff pastry for a pie!

4. Planting seeds Check out  10 Benefits of Gardening for the Family.

5. Football

6. Catch

7. Hide and seek

8. Excavating dinosaur bones!

9. Glow in the dark kits

10. Using clay to make models

11. Blowing bubbles or silly challenges!!

12. Make slime for hand play

13. Educational games like puzzles.

14. Learning through building blocks doing shapes etc

(Games to play with babies up to 12 months – TRIED AND TESTED)

15. Coloured chalk outside

16. Temporary tattoos

17. Water balloon fighting

18. Lego

19. Board games/puzzles

20. Snap

21. Hopscotch

22. Mini volcanoes science kit

23. Painting story stones

24. Make perfume using flowers in water

25. Baking ginger bread cookies!

26. Colouring books and sticking.

27. Making home made bread, baking or cooking.

28. Reading – or even singing.


29. Playing with dolls.


30. Painting

31. Puppet making

32. Crystle making

33. Learning about animals.


34. Finding ways to manage behaviour.


35. Home schooling with simple activity books.


36. Imaginative play! Playing shops is always fun.




38. Take the dinosaurs for a bath (My kids love water fun)


41. Loom bands – my daughter loves them and these are more fun as involve air clay to make your own charms.

42. Pamper time – bonding with your children over coloured nails!

43. Photography – my son is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and wanted to copy a photo I did of Winnie with a rose for Valentine’s Day so picked my amarilyis to emulate the photo (wasn’t that annoyed as the plant had 5 buds grown and were dying off)

44. Set up a muddy car wash

45. Using play dough (you can even make it)

46. Clean the toys.

47. Fill a container with water and hold a Polly Pocket pool party.

48. Build a dolls house or fairy garden.

49. Treasure hunt.

50. Finger paint with shaving cream on an old, outdoor table.

Catch us on Youtube for other activities!!


For more ideas like this check out these blogs:


Days out:

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  1. I can remember playing with leftover pastry when I was little. I’m sure it’s something my little man would love to do. I just need to start baking! Oops! Thank you for sharing this with #TriumphantTales, I hope you can join me again on Tuesday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I went to my computer thinking it was the phone, but it was the same there. I wonder if the problem is on my side? Maybe I should try a private browser and see if it’s a security setting of some sort.


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