#TheChristmasCarrot not #ElfontheShelf / Gift Ideas for kids / Christmas Activities / Poetry / Charity / Whats the Meaning of Christmas?

So, as pretty much everyone knows whether parent or not Elf on the Shelf is part of some families traditions where a crazy Elf makes mischief! What is Elf on the Shelf? The original Elf on the Shelf is based on a book of the same name, written by Carole Aebersold and Chandra Bell and... Continue Reading →


ELEVEN ways to use a Pumpkin! Perfect for the season.

You only need to look at the changing colours of the trees to notice that autumn is upon us! With that also come the seasonal colours, the wardrobe, the chill in the air and the annual pumpkin harvest (of course!) There are surprisingly many uses for pumpkin, such as: Eating - soups, dips, stews, roasted,... Continue Reading →

Be My bear! The bear for you!

What's Be My Bear? It's a build anywhere Bear Kit! Your one stop shop for unique children's gifts and party entertainment products. They are innovative teddy bear making kits which allow children of all ages to make their very own bear or animal friend wherever they choose. There are a giant range of animals - Blue Puppy, Binx... Continue Reading →

Bassetts Vitamin Adventure Week

There’s never a dull moment in family life, especially during the Summer holidays. That’s why Team Come Round are working with Bassetts Vitamins to offer families like mine the chance to host an August Adventure Week party! Don’t you sometimes find that family time could be summed up like this: Wake up reluctantly with a... Continue Reading →

Willow & Wild Box July Review

What is a Willow and Wild Box!?   It is nature inspired fun and learning! Willow and Wild Box is a monthly subscription box for 3 – 8 year olds, packed full of growing, craft, cooking and outdoor activities, delivered straight to your door. Every box is inspired by nature, with the aim of getting... Continue Reading →

7 Tips on How Combat Fussy Eaters!

Is it even possible to get your picky eating children to eat something other than chips, nuggets with ketchup and butter sandwiches? The answer is yes. Children's picky eating habits can be helped with a bit of new inspiration and persistence. I struggle so so so much. It's come to a point I hate meal... Continue Reading →

Pro’s of Cheat Baking! (Shhh!)

I have always encouraged my daughter to join me in my hobby by taking her to baking groups (my son is nearly four and given up on that one he hates it) and personally I see no issue with packet mix to from scratch because depending on what you're making you can save either time... Continue Reading →

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