Eat, Sleep, Doodle – how drawing can help education and motor skills.


Is a brand that has expanded into a wide range of stationary and textile products – their latest being the colour and learn series, which inspires playful and imaginative learning through colouring in.

Everything comes with a set of wash out fabric pens so you can colour, draw, doodle, design and personalise your very own textiles. Then, when you’re ready, just put them in the machine on a warm or cool wash and all the ink completely disappears, ready to be re-drawn, re-coloured and re-customised – endlessly individual; endless creative freedom! 

In an age of screens and short attention spans, eatsleepdoodle create unique, thoughtful and educational gifts the whole family will love, and our products are useful and practical, too!


Their range

Doodle gifts to personalise

  • Doodle pillowcase
  • Doodle designer accessory bag
  • Fun at the zoo tablecloth
  • Doodle tablecloth
  • Home decorator pillowcase

  • Doodle apron – adult

  • Doodle duvet – single
  • Doodle placemat to go
  • Doodle frame placemat set of 4
  • Doodle pencil case
  • Doodle backpack
  • Draw-on doodle mug with pen


Educational colouring gifts

  • Colour & learn world map pillowcase
  • Colour & learn world map tablecloth
  • Doodle world map wrap
  • Colour & learn world map pillowcase 
  • Colour & learn butterfly pencil case
  • Butterfly bundle
  • Fun at the zoo tablecloth

  • Colour & learn world map backpack
  • Colour & learn butterfly placemat to go

  • Colour & learn world map duvet – single
  • Colour & learn dinosaur pillowcase

Wash Out Pens

  • Wash-off ceramic marker pens – pack of 8
  • artist set of 20 wash-out pens

Party and Event tablecloths

Fun Kids Bedding

Butterfly Gifts

World Map Gifts

Dinosaur Gifts


What I received

Two packs of their fabric pens and a Colour and Learn World Map placemat set of four.


These placemats each feature a different part of the world and all fit together like a jigsaw and you can colour in each part of the world. 

Product size – 33x47cm / 13 x 18inch

Fabric – 100% Cotton

Pack weight – 296g

How to wash – machine wash 40 and dry naturally.

drawing with eat, sleep, doodle


Fabric pens

The pens are a great, vibrant colour with two different ends (one thin, one thick) The doodle wash out fabric pens are designed for using on eatsleepdoodle textile gifts but work equally great on any washable fabric and can even be used on paper and other stationary too – the kids tried it out! 

You wash your cloth on a warm machine cycle, the ink disappears completely then it’s ready to be re-doodled! I know parents would be wary of children colouring on anything but paper so this is perhaps a great way for them to colour on different textures.

They make great gifts for children.

doodle wash-out pen set


Motor Skills

Gross motor activities include walking, running, throwing, lifting, kicking, etc. These skills also relate to body awareness, reaction time, balance and strength and the ‘drawing’ skill begins to develop too. Many children are able to grasp a crayon and shove it around on a piece of paper when they’re about 12 or 13 months old (although my baby is 9 months and even she tried to copy her siblings for 2 seconds then tried to put the pen in her mouth of course)

Providing specific drawing tasks, such as drawing themselves and talking about your child’s colour or special choices can help them develop stronger problem solving skills over time too (even my baby is learning! It’s crazy how quick they develop)

To help your child feel motivated to draw and create, use positive reinforcement. You may want to display finished drawings in your child’s room or in other areas of your home, include personalised drawings in letters to family members, and praise your child for practice and specific achievements.


Oscar has just started reception and did amazing colouring the animals.


Why map learning is important

Learning about where different cities and countries are located will help children gain a larger world view than what they see in their daily lives. If they can look at a globe and realise that Australia is a large country surrounded by water, while Austria is much smaller and does not connect to any sea or ocean – kids will be able to gain a realisation that geography affects how people live.

There are maps that simply have an outline to display distance, while others have details of elevation, type of land, and population. Based on the age level you are working with, work your way up to a type of map that they can understand but still challenges them, so these matts for both my eight and four year old are perfect as they are just little snippets of detail.

For example, younger children may only be able to focus on a black and white map with limited detail, but as they get older they will be able to comprehend multiple factors at once.


They have an education page too!

This page gives you all information on each area of the map which gets the children involved with the ideas behind it too.

world map resource page



Beautifully designed, excellent quality and long lasting – products that can be used and re-used again and again which saves on money too! I love the way it has animals, site names, buildings, cars, planes, compass, even bridges!

Children can’t always express themselves using words and actions, so drawing is another important form of communication as being able to express what they feel also boosts a child’s emotional intelligence which is amazing for their well being. Drawing creates immediate visual feedback that changes depending on the tool your child uses and how they use it. This feedback helps your child identify the best ways to produce the desired result, I also enjoy how it means technology free just simple drawing and colouring in.

Obviously pen and paper is cheaper but this is just a fun way to get creative while learning and expressing yourself at the same time. The cost of the World Map Placemat is £22.95 and the pens per pack are £6.50 but they also have Bargain Bundles.

They also make one of the best gifts for families and are great fun at parties too! Textile gifts are great and unique presents. The doodle bag and tablecloth looks really cool but for me the small placemats work as they can colour in and throw in the wash easily – not sure I like the idea of a bed set as my son unsupervised has the potential to draw everywhere else! You can gain insight into your child’s thoughts and feelings through their drawings – the back of the cloth is ‘line’ free so they don’t have to have structured play with it either.

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  1. These look absolutely fab my twin girls would love them great review Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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  2. I’m absolutely loving the map learning – probably because I’ve got a natural liking for geography, but I think it’s so important that we all educate our kids about the world we live in. Popping over from #SnappedUp.

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  3. How far coloring has come since I was growing up! Love the reusable aspects of these products, and great information on child education and motor skills!

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  4. I love doodle sets. I agree, there is so much kids can learn through these. When my kids were younger they had lots of them x #MixItUp

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