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Hello and welcome to my blog! Hope you can join in!

A blog on lifestyle and parenting! I have no particular niche because like anyone I have varied interests! There will be bits on: motherhood (the highs and lows), children, beauty, mental health, interviews, budget, humour, help share thoughts, feelings, perhaps even advice if necessary or most likely the comedic fails I call ‘my life.’

The reason for the title behind the blog is because although I am first and foremost a mother; I am also a human and non of us are perfect therefore Perfectly Imperfect Mama – blogging on it all! From the good to the bad! This blog is going to be quite a cathartic way to share experiences of my life and motherhood and I will share some of myself and my family experiences with you to hopefully help raise awareness of how we are all different.

So, 2017, yet another year another big change – some said mistake, others said a blessing – personally, it doesn’t matter anymore either way as I made a choice. The choice? Having a baby! By myself – as a single female (again). My third baby to be precise and her name you ask? Is Winifred Phoenix-Koda. My first child is Eva-Beatrix. My second child is Oscar Dexter.

I am single – not exactly end of the world nor unusual in today’s society – I had my third and first child single (takes a few times to learn a lesson eh?)

Everyone has had adversity in their life at some point and I’m no different so if I can help one person by sharing my voice then I’ve succeeded, however, if any of my opinions don’t agree with you I accept that and value people have different views so I hope people can respect that I have my own too – judgement free zone.

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