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Hey everyone and thankyou for clicking onto this blog!


Summary – single mum of 3, multicultural family, in Lincolnshire UK.

A blog on lifestyle, beauty and parenting.

I support BLM, LGBTQ and Equality.

My content is varied as I have diverse interests – there’s mental health, beauty, motherhood, product reviews, advice and generally sharing the comedic fails I call ‘my life,’ there’s many.

The reason for the title behind the blog is because although I am first and foremost a mother; I am also a human and non of us are perfect therefore Perfectly Imperfect. I share on the super to the sh*t! It’s the closest thing to saying “I suck” on a blog name right?

I love collaborating with companies and have already done a lot with them including a giant corporate business that’s located all over the world. I add reviews across all social channels too. My children and I thoroughly enjoy new products that come out!

This blog has been a cathartic way to share experiences. I have shared a lot of myself and my family experiences with you to hopefully help raise awareness of how we are all different.

Everyone has had adversity in their life at some point and I’m no different so if I can help one person by sharing my voice then I’ve succeeded. Judgement free zone.

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