To my third child for her 1st Birthday.

This year has been absolutely unexpected in all wonderful ways,
The first year of parenthood is exhausting, beautiful and eye-opening. 
Where on some moments the minutes just blur into days.
I have felt like I was losing my mind at lots of times,
Yet despite the hard times to begin with that’s all over now and you wake up and show glowing sunshine,
I’m so proud you have your siblings and you’re all mine.
The moment I saw you,
the moment you were in my arms to hold,
You are my darling one year old who is more precious than a box of gold. 


During pregnancy.


The main struggle of single mums is finding the time and the energy to do all that they need to do.
Besides all their responsibilities, mothers wish, most of all, to be able to spend time with their children and share with them a few moments of peace and joy.
Children need to see their mother happy and content, not stressed and miserable.
Mothers, either single or not, are usually great at what they do, even though nobody ever teaches them about what it means to be a mother.
Once a woman gives birth, she discovers in herself a strong intuition that tells her how she can become a real mother.
Single mothers develop an even stronger intuition, which helps them overcome every obstacle even if they are alone.



My baby, you are too young to remember the flavour of the cake I made you, but I and your family and friends know that you will remember the love and the heart I have put into making this year perfect for you.



It has really been an amazing year,

And all the richer because you are here.

Your sweet little coos are now baby talk,

And your wobbly legs are learning to walk.

Your little mouth now holds a toothy grin,

And each time you smile, another heart you win.

So we celebrate every day.

This birthday is first of many more on the way!



My sweet little girl has turned one,

And she is ready to have more fun.

She was dressed in a cute little birthday gown,

Her head topped with a birthday crown.

A cake and gifts complete the scene,

For this pretty little birthday queen.

Family and friends from far and near,

Gathered to wish her another happy year.

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Remember that there's more to life than birthday cake, balloons and presents. There's also ice cream. • Just like that a year passes and you no longer have a new born but have a loud, fast crawling speed monster! Watching her grow day by day is in itself is a pretty sight and I’m sure she'll grow up into a wonderful person just like me… Actually perhaps not like me.. No one wants that 😂 • I have so so so many happy memories of the past year (among the bad) and even from pregnancy to giving birth to her it's been a whirlwind! Teaching her, bringing her up and all the stuff that comes with parenting is hard but I've survived it and more importantly so has she! • I have added a year 'summary' ish video to YouTube and may do a blog update so will save all the cliche 'first birthday' lines on here! She is going to be having a cake smash at some point – I missed the first one as got the day wrong and the second time had to cancel because she got chicken pox waaa. Literally has been a pandemic in my son's reception yet he hasn't got it yet!? • Happy first birthday Winifred Phoenix-Koda – don't worry I have told her to her face not just wrote it on social media. • birthday blog post. • #thirdbaby #firstbirthday #thisisparentingMFM #myunicornlife #blendedfamily #clickinmoms #candidchildhood #motherhoodrising #letthembelittle #momitforward #snaphappybritmums #highlightsofhappy #triumphanttales #ig_motherhood #littleandbrave #ohheymama #mummyphotoaday #singlemum #mixedkids #makeportraits #proud #darlingmovement #jamacianbaby #prettylittlething #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #pinklinker #standstillmychild #countrykidsfun #darlingmovement

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To read about my pregnancy click here and to see how she’s grown via youtube check out my channel click here.







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