Pink Velvet Cupcake Recipe

What is pink velvet? Well - here’s a secret - it’s just vanilla cake that has food colouring in it. There is something about a 'velvet' cake that just hits differently (kinda like when you're thirsty at midnight and drink from the bathroom tap) Also, it doesn’t hurt that this is an amazing cake recipe... Continue Reading →

Scone recipe

If you need a little caffeine paired with a tiny sandwich in the afternoon, you're not alone. Some of us need a break around 2 or 3 p.m. to enjoy a snack, relax, and sip a soothing cup of tea. It can be a sweet time to chat with friends over FaceTime who are taking... Continue Reading →

How to make homemade butter

Prep: 30 mins No cook Easy Makes 200g block Try making your own homemade butter with just a one-litre jar and a marble. Kids will love the magic of turning cream into homemade butter. Method - STEP 1Pour the cream into a jar with a clean marble inside. Screw the lid on tightly. Shake the... Continue Reading →

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