Hape Toys exploring the world of Bamboo toys


Hape is the world’s largest producer of wooden toys and the origin Germany 1986 – Founder is Peter Handstein.

This company believes that the future begins and belongs to the children!

Materials are bought from 10 countries and sells to over 50 – locating the Hape factory only 3km from the Ningbo-Zhoushan Harbor, one of the largest ports in the world, created transportation as well as ecological advantages!

The company started developing bamboo toys in 2004 after it hosted a UNESCO-supported workshop in a bamboo-rich area of China. Hape has since established a facility dedicated to product design next to its own bamboo forest.

At its factories in Ningbo, near Shanghai, the company employs a slew of eco-friendly practices, according to Levy. One such technique is pressing paint onto the toys instead of spraying, which saves paint and the necessary energy for drying.



Hape toys are made in China, Latvia, and Russia.



Products meet safety and quality standards EN71 (European norm of toys) and ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) of the countries they are destined.



Every delivery is tested by a certified external lab and all Chemical materials are controlled immediately after they are delivered and received. 



They update their product test report every year utilizing an independent qualified lab.



They estimate the product material, design and technology needed at every product development stage and follow an established documented professional procedure. Compliance with this repeatable procedure assures high volume production of safe and 100% quality products.

In every production cycle, they perform a physical safety test for the first batch of each new product. If any material or a design is improved we recertify that our products meet all safety and quality standards.



FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the worlds forests. We are providing customers with FSC products to support the idea.



Many products awards from all kinds of magazines are with us, for example, Awards for Long Endurance and

You can view all of them at the products pages.



“Hape is currently building a world-class Early Childhood Education Center and Environmental Development faciltiy in Gongtong. Education will enable children to experience the beauty of nature, traditional Chinese culture, local resources, and universal play. The Campus will include facilities to host research and educational groups who are exploring the use of bamboo and other natural materials.”



“Educating suppliers and neighbors about the advantages of sustainability and responsible handling of resources ensures that the practices will multiply. Hape is intimately connected to local as well as global communities. On-going technical assistance programs have helped rural communities create sustainable local economies. Hape has built 3 schools in rural Guizhou, providing opportunities for playing and learning for over 3000 children and their families.”



A water purification system utilizes limited or no chemicals to release the cleansed water back into circulation is one of the key processes Hape have produced to ensure that the variety of by products produced cause minimal impact to the environment.




They create a vast amount of great looking toys which you can sort and find through age, New out, Award winners and of course categories such as:



I was gifted 3 items to review but all opinions are my own and any research I’ve added links to for your benefit.

Hape Mighty Echo microphone

Hape Shape Sorter Xylophone

Hape Mighty Hammer Domino.


Image may contain: 3 people








Image may contain: people sitting and outdoor

This item comes in a bright, well detailed cardboard box and to open is easy – once inside you’ll find:

  • Wooden dominoes
  • The ‘robot’ hammer
  • A wooden ball
  • See through tunnel (works on the flat side not the zig zag side)
  • Momentum wheel
  • Finish line flag
  • Double sided tracks
    STEAM value – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

Setting this up was interesting to do and got everyone involved so it really is an interactive game.

Introduces children to the concepts of potential energy, momentum and gravity. Great for developing logical thinking and an understanding of the principles of physics!

As the ball collides with the robot hammer, its potential energy is released and more dominoes topple before the big flag ending! A finishing flag pops up for a dramatic ending as your last domino falls. Kids (who am I kidding… Adults!) will actually be thrilled with the butterfly effect. The ball unleashes the hammer which pushes over more dominoes and launches the momentum wheel. The transparent tunnel reveals the running process of balls.

Watch the Domino effect as your dominoes topple and release a wooden ball into the transparent tunnel which works on the smooth side!

Cost – on a site called Wicked Uncle its £29.95 and eBay £25.89.



No photo description available.

This requires no set up, no batteries and no charger ports – what you see is what you get! Age Recommendation – it’s great for kids 12 months and up and my 4 and 8 year old loved it too!

Good points to this microphone:

  • Creative Learning and development – the music toy stimulates speech and singing ability in toddlers. This toy promotes development of musical skills and creative expression.
  • Echo effect – teaches children different sounds they can create.
  • Hours of fun for the little musicians without running out of batteries.
  • Attractive colors – this Microphone toy features attractive primary colors with musical note graphics. Whether you are singing alone or playing with a band, this will help you stand out.
  • Safe to play – non toxic finishes and child safe materials. All Hape toys are made to a high-quality safety Standard to ensure many years of safe play are enjoyed amongst all

Cost – £8.99 on Amazon.



Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and table

A super cool musical toy with the added bonus of being able to learn both shape and colours PLUS there’s even music ideas you can learn such as jingle bells and frere jacques.

Toddler shape sorters have been around for decades. They are classic toys because they not only entertain children, they work as learning tools as well. The shape sorter consists of three dimensional shapes made of plastic or wood. The three dimensional shapes correspond to shape sized holes in a container.

The toddlers manipulate the shapes to correctly fit into their holes and then once the container or fitted area fills, they can take them back out again and repeat, however my 4 and 8 year old have enjoyed playing with it copying the tunes recommended in the little booklet!

Suitable for children from 12m+ but great for ages to just play with all together!

Good points to this shape sorter xylophone:

  • Uses thought – can you name all the colours and shapes?
  • Uses memory – children can practice colours as well as making a fun tune!
  • Educate – helps to develop colour, shape and sound recognition
  • Safe – made with a commitment to sustainability, compliant with international safety and quality standards.

Cost – on Amazon it’s currently £21.60 but if you click here on my Google search you can find various prices.




Toxicology Testing:

Hape products are subject to heavy metal testing as is required by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). 

Independent Testing:

Hape work with SGS to ensure unbiased inspections are carried out and toys comply with industry standards.

Quality Control:

Hape became one of the very first toy manufacturers in China to be awarded the ISO9001 certification. Organizations use the ISO 9001 standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide product and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements They have over 50 independent quality control measures in place.

Product Testing:

Each of the Hape Bamboo toys are tested for defects before being shipped out to retailers. Other Hape products are put through testing during the early development stages and then tested again two years later.



As a toy manufacturer that produces the highest standard of developmental green toys for children, Hape is and will continue to lay emphasis on bamboo made sustainable products.

Bamboo, an iconically Chinese resource, is used as the alternative to wood for a line of its building blocks and puzzle games and it has become a tangible part of Hape’s mission to be a maker of sustainable toys.

Bamboo is gaining prominence due to its cost effectiveness, strength, and sustainable nature and is one of the most ecological and economical materials in the world, has a short growth cycle of two to three years while absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it to oxygen, and easy tended.

In the architecture field, utilizing bamboo, the ideal renewable substitute for timber, can save up to 40% on resource consumption.       


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world! 

Bamboos occur native on 5 continents: Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Australia. In other words all continents except for Antarctica and Europe have bamboo. 

Bamboos grow in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America, extending as far north as the southern United States or central China, and as far south as Patagonia. They also grow in northern Australia.

Click here to learn more about Bamboo.


Image result for bamboo


  • Hape toys are designed for children to enhance a child’s developmental skills.
  • What children see as fun, parents and educators recognize as age appropriate learning basics; social, sensory, physical and emotional skills.
  • Using natural materials.
  • Water based paints
  • Strict quality and safety standards
  • A company that has considered surface treatment, energy consumption plus packaging options to minimize environmental impact and maximize efficiency!


Fantastic quality, design and ideas! I love how their toys are created to inspire play, learning and exploration of the world we live in.
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling
Their use of wood is great with the sustainability and the plastic parts are ensured durable enough to last for generations in order to encourage toys to be passed down rather than tossed out and through responsible business practices they aspire to leave the world in a better condition than when we received it which is a fantastic ethos.
I’ve enjoyed being able to teach my children the uses of bamboo.

I also love their ethos of neither language, nor culture, nor gender impedes the intuitive play patterns. The children approved.



Hape Toys

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