10 Benefits of Gardening for the Family.

10 Benefits of Gardening. 1. Encourages healthy eating - eating healthy food is vital for brain and body development as we all know but it can be hard at times to get children to eat those fruits and veggies! By having them grow their own string beans, carrots and lettuce, they will have a sense... Continue Reading →


Alagille Syndrome – a mum shares her daughter’s brave experiences.

Today I spoke to another local mum named Sian whose eight year old daughter Lacey has also experienced a form of cleft lip and palate which has been challenging and a learning curve for this young family as not all disabilities are visual. It's great to learn about the various forms a cleft has and... Continue Reading →

50 small activities to do at home!

Obviously some days we can't or don't want to leave the house so I've listed some ideas I've done: 1. Doing the family tree 2. Playing with sand 3. Making shapes with the left over puff pastry for a pie! 4. Planting seeds 4. Planting seeds 5. Football6. Catch7. Hide and seek8. Excavating dinosaur bones!9.... Continue Reading →

Time to Talk

As usual my videos don't fail in failing 😂 just talking about PND, eating disorders and children. I'm really clever "Winks with both eyes" 😉 I'm literally awful in front of a camera and feel vulnerable and hate it as I like being private but the ignorance is ridiculous towards it, doesn't mean you can't... Continue Reading →

Talks on toilet training

Issues I came across with my second child were fear of pooing on the toilet but if your child seems genuinely uninterested in learning to use the toilet they may not be ready to do it! Does your child know what a toilet is for? Can they stay dry for at least two hours at a time? Can... Continue Reading →

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