Be My bear! The bear for you!

What’s Be My Bear?

It’s a build anywhere Bear Kit! Your one stop shop for unique children’s gifts and party entertainment products.

They are innovative teddy bear making kits which allow children of all ages to make their very own bear or animal friend wherever they choose.

There are a giant range of animals – Blue Puppy, Binx the Black Bear, Blush the Pink Kitty, Bulldog, Bruno Tiger, Camo Bear, Cottontail Rabbit, Cheetah, Crazy Cat, Bruno Tiger, Blue Skye Unicorn, Cupcake & Party Dress, Crystal Unicorn, Daffy Duck, Daisy Bunny, Eira Snow Leopard, Kaleidoscope, Katie Kitty, Jet Bear, Little Lamb, Griz Grizzly, Huey Husky, Jerry Giraffe, Green Dragon, Funky Frog, Funky daddy Frog, Little Prince, Magic Unicorn, Little Scruff, Marshmallow Cat, Moosey, Smiley Monkey, Monkey, Ping Panda, Panda, Reindeer, Snowy Snowman, Peaches Puppy, Tommy Turtle, Terry Terrier, Snowy Polar Bear, Peace and Love bear and these are only some of them!!!

The bear I love the look of is Percey Pig, Purple Penguin or Ellie Elephant!

Similar to the Build-A-Bear experience their fun, no sew kits set us apart by the fact that each child can quite literally make a bear anywhere rather than specifically in a shop (also cheaper), giving parents the option to host amazing bear making parties themselves at home or at any other desired party venue.

Their party sets look great! Black Bear 8" Party PackArctic 8" Party Pack

20 x Birthday Cake Napkins Partywear10 x Blue Teddy Cups Partywear8 x Birthday Cake Plates Partywear8 x Little Charley Cups Partywear

There’s paper cups, napkins and paper plates available plus a lot of variety in Bear sets for childrens parties plus free downloadables such as thankyou cards and banners.

Theres aload of new products out too! How sweet is this little unicorn party outfit for a 16 inch teddy bear! Spider Bear 8" Outfit

Plus they have fabric marker pens on their site to personalise your items.

Fabric Pens (8 Pack)


What we received

Skye Unicorn 16

 One Skye Unicorn 16 inch Travel Teddy – great for mythical travels. Skye has everything needed to make a life long travelling companion including Skye Unicorn Travel Ted skin, super soft stuffing, wish upon a star charm, birth certificate, deluxe carry box and a teddy bear.

Huey Husky 8" Animal Kit

One Huey Husky Dog 16 inch Teddy – take your own cuddly companion with you on your next holiday away with their great value Husky Dog 16 inch Ted. Husky Dog is a cute companion including super soft stuffing, beautiful eyes and a wish upon a star charm, birth certificate, gift bag and a teddy bear passport. Huey Husky is suitable for children aged three and over and is the ideal gift for special occasions

One Toot Toot 8 inch Tooth Fairy Friend – Toot Toot is a cute yellow Elephant, the ideal Tooth Fairy Friend for your little one. Toot Toot comes complete with 1 x small tooth bag and colour chosen at random plus the gift bag. This was for my youngest who is a 9 month old baby and only has two teeth however it is perfect for her as it’s pre-stuffed, easy to hold and safe. They also added in an extra passport.

The initial purpose of the Tooth fairy friend is “designed to help parents with the task of collecting baby teeth when it’s time for them to start falling out. So very often, children are told to place the tooth under their pillow, however this can lead to them being lost as your child moves in their sleep. With Tooth Fairy Friend, the tooth is placed inside the coloured tooth bag (you will be supplied with 1 bag/colour at random) and placed safely in the pocket at the back of their Tooth Fairy Friend (sealed with Velcro), when you come to exchange the tooth for some money, you can just open the pocket on your child’s Tooth Fairy Friend and replace the tooth for some money. No need for torches or endless hours of searching!”


This is how it all looks when set out! How cute are the birth certificates and passports!


Our ‘at home party’ with my 3 children


The kids literally loved playing with the fluff it was everywhere! My son pretended to be a snowman, my daughter at one point had a beard and moustache and my baby inadvertently ended up being a fluff ball.


unicorn teddy
Really put their imagination to use! The box came in handy too!


the star!
This is the ‘wish upon a star’ which you add into the bear – a really cute idea for the children as it makes the bear more special. This one says Best Friends! The orange bag is actually for Toot Toot. 


our bears with be my bear!
Our finished bears!



We even took all the bears on our little weekend break with us- obviously needing the passports!



They pride ourselves on quality at affordable prices and offer an extensive range of gifts for all reasons and all seasons as well as great customer service. The 16 inch Skye Unicorn we were gifted retails at £12.75, the 16 inch Husky teddy retails at £12.50 and Toot Toot the elephant is £7.95. 

The size obviously make a difference on the price but all of them are reasonable prices and they do gift cards so you can spread the love for family and friends.


Great reason to shop with Be My Bear

Award winning

The award-winning build anywhere teddy bear company supplying kits for parties, gifts and everything in between have been popular amongst people on the television such as X-factor and also providing recorded heartbeat for local people.

“Mums-to-be are being handed a ‘pawfect’ memento of their unborn child’s heartbeat, inside a teddy bear, thanks to an award-winning North Wales toy company.

Mochdre-based Be My Bear, which has supplied Harrods, Selfridges, Butlins, X-Factor, The Apprentice and Hollyoaks, has found a growing interest from parents for its new product.

The sound of a baby’s heartbeat in the womb, taken during routine ultrasound scans, is captured on a chip inside the bear.” Taken from this article on Business News Wales. 


“The producers of Xtra Factor approached Rhos-on-Sea based Be My Bear to supply the ITV show’s finalists with one of their bespoke bears as a gift to welcome them to the judges’ houses.

The original 12 finalists were presented with their bears and T-shirts bearing their names last weekend.

The final four wild card contestants received theirs after the show on Saturday night.

Be My Bear’s teddies are also currently featuring in Hollyoaks as part of an on-going storyline for a plot involving a dodgy trader and bears carrying concealed cameras.” Taken from another article on Daily Post.



I love the idea that not only can you buy a single bear but you can buy several for parties, the fact that my children and I have been able to do this has been great and it doesn’t break the bank. 

Bears are great comforters for children – allowing a child this connection with a teddy bear will benefit the child and the parents. Our society likes to judge parents for every decision made but doing what is right for a child is up to no one expect the child’s parents. It is not an embarrassing decision to grant a child permission to carry a comforter with them to a Nursery, school, a grandparent’s house or to a friend’s, instead, it’s the opposite as this conscious choice will help the child transition into childhood and later adulthood, easier and with confidence.

Teddy bears can be a part of our lives in a variety of situations that occur over major life events. I think that children are the first ones to use it – what birthday, anniversary, illness or departure would be perfect without a stuffed animal? As gifts, they mark and commemorate life events, from the most important to the smallest experience.

They give us feelings of safety because they were given out of love usually from a close family member.

With a whole host of teddy bear clothes and accessories to also choose from you have so many options for the teddy bear making experience, its a super cool idea and my children absolutely loved this summer holiday activity! The quality is fantastic and I 100% recommend these – just a general all round nice gift or activity at home whether for you or for a party.

Disclaimer: we were gifted these for an honest review and all reviews are my own unless stated.


Check their Website at Be My Bear and their Instagram.

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  1. #thesatsesh genius idea! if i wasn’t freaked out my cuddly toys id be all over this. i also don’t like the feel of stuffing…yeah, I’m reading this and seeing that i need to get out more too.
    still they seem really well priced and affordable for small group parties.

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