100 names for Vaginas!

If you’re looking for another word for ‘vagina,’ might I suggest ‘vagina’?

After all, it is the clinically correct term (most of the time). However, if you’re looking for a less-technical term for your vagina, here are some fun options – 100 names for vaginas in fact!

Dictionary term:
the muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women and most female mammals.

The vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining that provides lubrication and sensation. The vagina connects the uterus to the outside world. The vulva and labia form the entrance, and the cervix of the uterus protrudes into the vagina, forming the interior end.

People often use the term vagina to refer to the entire female genital region between the legs but this is incorrect.

In fact the external parts of the female genitalia which includes the glans clitoris, labia minora and majora, opening of the urethra and vagina (the introitus), and the surrounding tissue is called the vulva.

So, now you know about what one is – lets get to the 100 names for vaginas!


  1. Pink/Bearded Clam
  2. Red Wagon
  3. Honey Pot
  4. Muff
  5. Clunge
  6. Clout
  7. Chuff
  8. Fanny
  9. Gash
  10. Beef curtains
  11. Pish flaps
  12. Pandoras box
  13. Muff
  14. Vag
  15. Meat Curtains
  16. Flower
  17. Furburger
  18. Upright Wink
  19. Hippos yawn
  20. Cave of Wonders
  21. Hand warmer
  22. Vaj Jay Jay
  23. Vag
  24. Garage
  25. Fish Lips
  26. Taco
  27. Camel toe
  28. Love button
  29. Beaver
  30. French fry dip
  31. Pink canoe
  32. Badly packed kebab
  33. Meat wallet
  34. Axe wound
  35. Cunt
  36. Snatch
  37. Pussy
  38. Mini
  39. Downstairs
  40. Lady parts
  41. Fluffy
  42. There
  43. The Thing
  44. Bits
  45. Money box
  46. Purse
  47. Tuppence
  48. Lady Garden
  49. Miffy
  50. Minnie
  51. Quim
  52. Hoop
  53. Penny
  54. Ying-yang
  55. Buntsy
  56. Pinky
  57. Chuffy
  58. Bunny
  59. Pocket
  60. Popkin
  61. Button
  62. Coochie
  63. Wonder down under
  64. Poonany
  65. Crotch
  66. Cum dumpster
  67. Penis Glove
  68. Chuff
  69. Hush Puppy
  70. Twatwaffle


★ Pepa
★ Palomita
★ Vulva
★ Raja
★ Conho
★ Conejo
★ Potorro


If you’ve got kids, how do you politely refer to their V-A-G-I-N-A without calling it a V-A-G-I-N-A?
So, what can kids call it instead? The options are woeful, but they would appear to be as follows:
★ Twinky
★ Front bottom
★ Flower
★ Bajingo
★ Foo-foo
★ Moo Moo
★ Wee-wee
★ Twinkle
★ Mimsy
★ Pry-pry
★ Mooey
★ Minnie-moo
★ Fairy
★ Doodle
★ Doodie
★ Noony
★ Nunny
Girlie parts/bits


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  1. These are cute, but I was told a child should always know the actual name Vagina. That way of someone God forbid, tries to touch her there, she can tell someone the accurate word for where she was touched rather than her peach or lettuce. She can learn the slang terms later.


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