Eva-Beatrix born August 2010 22.10 2840g 6lb 4oz 10:51pm 32cm head circumference and 49 cm (I knew at the second scan it would be a girl - had 3 as she was being awkward of course) and that was eight years ago today! She brought me to life in a way I couldn't imagine.... Continue Reading →


MyHummy – Bluetooth vs non Bluetooth review

WHAT IS A MYHUMMY First of all I'll go through with you what is, how it's good, how it isn't and what we've tried! It is a bear with white noise! Quite an easy description but there's more to it. It's combined the idea of having a teddy as a comforter and with something that... Continue Reading →

Mam product review

About MAM For over 35 years MAM have been developing products along with experts from medicine and research that are unique in function and design, support the individual development of every child and make everyday baby life easier. All MAM products are BPA free That means studies have shown that BPA might result in longstanding... Continue Reading →

The bit on baby wearing!

Baby wearing is basically wearing your baby! There are many forms of slings and wraps people use but just depends on what people prefer comfort wise plus how much they can cost. It has been practiced for millennia across all countries and cultures. There are numerous benefits to babywearing – in short, in makes life... Continue Reading →

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