We are all human


  • extremely unpleasant; repulsive.”a pretty odious character”

Any racist, ageist, sexist, ableist, homophobic thoughts and actions says far more about that person they come from than the person they are directed at. I’ve seen so much negativity on social media since the @england match last night and absolutely horrified and appalled people can behave such a way.

We are all Human.

It doesn’t matter our backgrounds, Creed, culture, sexuality, gender, our achievements, our monetary status… Football, sport in general, should bring people together despite the end results because it means we unite, it brings positivity and excitement. I’m not a big football fan, it isn’t something I would usually watch unless socialising (sorry🙈) but I (as always) support the goal of unity and generally just supporting the country. I think after the few months we’ve had of isolation, loss of jobs, loss of lives and the loss of ‘normality’ we would respect and appreciate being able to support others!

I still don’t understand in todays society how alot of people of colour are still dehumanised.

We are all human!

So – with that being said whilst Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Bulayo Saka and Rajeem Sterling should be celebrated, we first need to see them as human beings. As young men who deserve dignity, respect and gratitude for their love and their labour – on and off the pitch. I don’t know them, I don’t need to know them but we all deserve respect and equality.

England manager Gareth Southgate said the racist abuse aimed at Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka after the Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy was “unforgivable.” England had reached their first final in a major tournament since winning the World Cup in 1966 and, despite taking the lead against Italy, drew 1-1 after extra time before a penalty shootout.

Even Boris today has addressed it by  praising the players and saying “They brought joy to this country and to those who have been directing racist abuse I say ‘shame on you and I hope you will crawl back under the rock from which you emerged’.”

We are all human.

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