Primary School Leaver 2021

PRIMARY SCHOOL LEAVER 2021!! (She finishes Friday)

A before and after.

I’d be lying if I said looking at this didn’t make me feel both emotional and proud. Don’t worry I’m not going to write an essay about our journey, about how strong she is, resilient, persistent and an amazing big sister she is, an amazing first born she is – we have our differences but at the end of the day I’m home and it’s where she should be allowed to be a total arsehole without fear of rejection… And oh what an arse she can be 😂

Born 6lb 4oz with jet black hair and Strep B – I was a single parent with her from day one… No words can really describe how I’m feeling really. I know it’s daft as she’s leaving Primary to go to Secondary, it’s not as if she’s moving out!

A decade I’ve been her mother.

For a decade I’ve seen all her firsts. I’ve seen her heartbreaks, we have unfortunately experienced them together.

I’ve seen her sadness.

I’ve seen her happiness.

I’ve seen her successes.

I’ve seen her failures.

I’ve been there as she first held my hand to take her first step and I’ve been there when she asked me if she can walk back from school by herself.

I’ve been there when she fed herself for the first time to when she started making her own sandwiches.

I’ve been there to wipe her bum to when she now wants privacy in the bathroom.

And now I accidentally wrote that essay and now I’m sat crying 😂🙈

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