Happy Hump Day

Today is Wednesday which means tomorrow is pre-Friday which means the next day is Friday, so it’s basically Friday.

This week brings us the second week of the kids being back to school with the kids continuing their clubs and rebelling against the routine AKA usual bedtime terror antics and the standard morning bickering (which after a long night last night this morning it really destroyed my vibes)

This photo features all the kids and mine bags for the week – suited and booted with their new shoes from @clarksshoes (Not an ad) and my shoes which were in the @tescofood sale for £12 – my kids shoes cost more than double mine 🙈

Oscars stars and moon bag, Winnies sunflower bag, sunflower lunch box and Frida Khalo lunchbox were gifted by @ivyandtedstreasures

My @gastonluga bag was previously gifted about 2 years ago and still going strong.

The @hydratem8 was gifted and has also proven to be extremely useful – when the kids aren’t ‘borrowing’ it off me!

Trixs @slazenger1881 bag was bought for £16 from @sportsdirectuk and has little compartments although, as with everything at the minute, she hates it. She isn’t vibing the uniform. She isn’t vibing having to carry a heavy bag all day and this is the second week of her at Secondary School and she’s already wearing me out. The issue being at the moment, she has everything she needs but leaves it all at home for some reason. I understand her frustration after a year off mainstream education then being thrown into an entirely new school but the daily arguments are tiresome.

Oscar had football Monday – he was so excited when he came back as was goalie and achieved the goalies dream – to actually stop balls going in the goal! Apparently he made a child cry as he tried to score and he stopped the ball.

Trix had Scouts which I’m really glad she’s still wanting to go to – collecting her badges and taking her hormonal ass out the house.

Swimming was cancelled last night bevause of the bad weather there was no electricity, then today Oscar is at Beavers.

Winnie and I will be attending toddler groups now they are opening up again.

What things will you be doing with the fam (or in general) now places are open again?

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