Cheat Veggie Lasagne

So this is basically Cupboard Cooking and Freezer Food Cheats, by this I mean I used:

• Frozen pre-cut onions.
• Tinned peas and sweetcorn.
• Vegan mince from the @asda plant based section 300g.
• @dolmiouk sauce – the tomato one & the cheese one – any brand will do!
•A bit of tomato puree for the colour.
• A pinch of Himalayan salt.
• Pinch of pepper.
• @aldiuk pasta sheets.
• Mature cheddar/vintage cheddar.

•Frozen garlic bread – cooked following packet guidelines.

Get a toddler to do it. They pour the sauce, mix the ingredients up. Layer it. Then boom lasagna!

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1. Cut open the defrosted Plant Based Mince, use all 300g, and put in a frying pan (Don’t turn on the heat just yet!)

2) Cut open the Frozen onions and I’d say grab a handful and throw in.

3) Open a small mix of tinned peas and sweetcorn – throw them in too!

4) I used a pinch of Himalayan salt but regular salt is just as good then grind in some pepper.

5) This is cheat baking with a toddler so any jar of tomato sauce will do whether it’s one with it’s own seasoning, to plain etc (you get the jist) open that open and pour in. Mix all ingredients.

6) Once mixed up, leave to marinade – what I did with this is left it in the fridge covered up for about 4 hours. I find vegan mince needs the extra time to soak in flavours but that’s just me. This type of mince doesn’t go soggy. I just prefer marinating vegan things.

7) When marinated, put on the stove and cook til done! Time wise, wasn’t long, I would say 15 minutes.

8) While doing that, preheat your oven at 180C/Fan 160C/Gas Mark 4. We still haven’t got a working oven, so used a microwave oven.

9) The fun part – layering – Start by spreading a layer of your tomato-based mince on the bottom of your dish. Next, add a single layer of pasta sheets. Then, add a layer of white sauce, followed by another single layer of pasta sheets. We made a big one and a small one!

10) Grate the cheese on top! We used two different cheeses for extra colour and flavour!

11) Put your finished lasagne in oven, leave to cook for 35 to 45 minutes depending on the size of your lasagne.

12) Garnish how you like!

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