ELEVEN ways to use a Pumpkin! Perfect for the season.

You only need to look at the changing colours of the trees to notice that autumn is upon us! With that also come the seasonal colours, the wardrobe, the chill in the air and the annual pumpkin harvest (of course!) There are surprisingly many uses for pumpkin, such as: Eating - soups, dips, stews, roasted,... Continue Reading →

Stars and Sage Monthly Bath Ritual Box

What do you get? A variation of three to six products every month, depending on their size, ranging from skincare (such as bath salts, body scrubs, oils and creams or face care) to bath and meditation accessories (such as candles, incense, crystals etc). Subscribe to receive a box every month. Cancel anytime. You will receive a... Continue Reading →

Bemama – product review.

During your pregnancy and after childbirth your body will experience a lot of changes, new sensations and needs that require specific attention. To protect and support your body in the best way it’s important to use products specifically formulated for this very special moment in life and products that are designed to get you 'back... Continue Reading →

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