15 Tips I’ve Learnt since becoming a mum

So happy! I've wrote an article and it's published on Emmas Diary! Click here to see the full article!!     This article is going to talk about tips and hints on handling parenthood, as well as sharing personal experiences. Becoming a parent is a life changing experience and for many of us an overwhelming... Continue Reading →

I hate being a mum.

I've struggled this week being a parent. The kids argue. The kids won't sleep. The kids won't eat. It's 3am and I've dealt with a screaming baby all night. I regret being a mother sometimes. I hate being a mum sometimes. That's the reality of being a single mum, for me. I see parents on... Continue Reading →

100 days of darkness – new motherhood

Photos that encapsulate becoming a new mother. They show the exhaustion. They show the cups of cold tea on the side. They show the maternity pants and expressing milk. They show the puffy face. They show the hormonal sweats and hair loss. I was in a zone of living every day on adrenaline. There were... Continue Reading →

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