8 reasons why Mrs Hinch Madness can be a negative influence

Ok, so the title sounds like it's a direct 'targeted insult' but it isn't intended to be offensive to a lady who seems really lovely and unassuming - we've all been targeted by Trolls, I'm just stating some issues that have arisen and trends come and go, she wasn't the one instigating this rise to... Continue Reading →

The Foresthog – go Eco Cleaning friendly!

THE STORY BEHIND This is a company with a passion for eco friendly products and they make an array of amazing items! They have tested many seemingly natural, eco-friendly products and they felt they could make their own much better. Forest cleaning products are tough on dirt and kind to our environment.   If you... Continue Reading →

Karcher Window Vac WV5 review

What is Karcher window Vac? The K√§rcher WV5 Premium as a hand held window cleaner is just being humble and modest - it's true potential is undermined for it does more than just clean windows as it cleans spills from all surfaces suitable for it - from lino's, tables, tiles and many more. As well... Continue Reading →

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