Beautiful Biscoff Brownie

Prep:25 minsCook:27 mins - 35 minsMore effortCuts into 16 squares or 32 triangles HighlightNutrientUnitkcal150fat9gsaturates5gcarbs15gsugars12gfibre1gprotein2glow insalt0.04g Ingredients 185g unsalted butter185g best dark chocolate85g plain flour40g cocoa powder50g white chocolate50g milk chocolate3 large eggs275g golden caster sugar10 Lotus Biscoff Biscuits Method Cut 185g unsalted butter into small cubes and tip into a medium bowl. Break 185g dark chocolate into small pieces and drop into the bowl. Fill a... Continue Reading →

History behind Mcdonalds and some facts

For a look at our awesome afternoon out see¬†McDonalds UK Free Events Sheffield     THE HISTORY BEHIND THE FOOD CHAIN In short terms it's a fast food restaurant that offers both hot and cold food items and drinks! Originating from America McDonald's Corporation was founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and... Continue Reading →

Ten ways with Deli Kitchen flatbread.

I was kindly gifted (non paid ad) two packs of Deli Kitchen pittas - one of them being 4 sliced Focaccia and the other 4 white Subwich from Nexus PR. They were also accompanied by a cute little lunch bag (featured below) and mini pencils with a pencil case - designed for eager children ready... Continue Reading →

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