Eco friendly solution for kids and parents – try Mama Bamboo!

ABOUT Mama Bamboo are a company with great ethos - they aim to provide high quality, practical, environmentally friendly, gentle products for yourself and your baby.  The company is ran by a relatable full time mother of two little girls -  Rebecca and Alexander.  "As a mummy, I want the best for my babies. As... Continue Reading →

Hape Toys exploring the world of Bamboo toys

ABOUT HAPE Hape is the world’s largest producer of wooden toys and the origin Germany 1986 - Founder is Peter Handstein. This company believes that the future begins and belongs to the children! Materials are bought from 10 countries and sells to over 50 - locating the Hape factory only 3km from the Ningbo-Zhoushan Harbor,... Continue Reading →

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