Easy peasy Rocky Road Recipe!

Easy Peasy Rocky Roads! Even better you can change this up how you like, it just works!INGREDIENTS -•120 grams soft butter•200 grams dark chocolate broken into pieces•200g White chocolate •3 tablespoons golden syrup•White Aero Bar•Malteasers•Munchies •100 grams mini marshmallows•2 teaspoons icing sugar (for dusting)METHOD - 1. Gently melt the butter, white chocolate and golden syrup... Continue Reading →

Make Your own Millies Cookies!

Total time15 minsMore effortMakes Cookies These delicious cookies are easy to cook and taste as good as the real Millies cookies, with a crisp outer layer and a gooey centre these treats are best eaten warm but last well...if they last that long! Ingredients 125g butter, softened100g light brown soft sugar125g caster sugar1 egg, lightly... Continue Reading →

15 Egg-citing Easter Craft Ideas / Meaning of Easter

Even if you aren’t religious simple activities to do to teach children about different cultures and religions! 1. Carrot Footprints They won't be little forever (sob) but you can preserve the memory of their tiny feet in this simple and cute craft. You’ll just need: painted footprints, background paper, paper plate, marker, adhesive, and embellishments. Optional:... Continue Reading →

Halloween Packet Mixes/30 Treat Ideas

EASY PEASY HALLOWEEN BAKING WITH THE KIDS So, as you can see in the cover photo there is Betty Winters Ghost Cupcake kit that was bought from B&M for £1 and an Halloween Pumpkin Biscuit Kit from Aldi 'create and bake' for £1.49. Cheat baking at it's finest. These instructions are basic and not up... Continue Reading →

Four Bahlsen Recipe Ideas

1. S'mores Brownies Recipe Cook Time: 25 min Ingredients: 165g Unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing 100g Milk chocolate, broken up 100g Dark chocolate, broken up 3 eggs and 2 egg yolks 1 tsp Vanilla paste 165g Golden caster sugar 2 tbsp Plain flour 1 tbsp Cocoa powder 200g Bahlsen biscuits, broken up (I used... Continue Reading →

Pro’s of Cheat Baking! (Shhh!)

I have always encouraged my daughter to join me in my hobby by taking her to baking groups (my son is nearly four and given up on that one he hates it) and personally I see no issue with packet mix to from scratch because depending on what you're making you can save either time... Continue Reading →

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