8 reasons why Mrs Hinch Madness can be a negative influence

Ok, so the title sounds like it's a direct 'targeted insult' but it isn't intended to be offensive to a lady who seems really lovely and unassuming - we've all been targeted by Trolls, I'm just stating some issues that have arisen and trends come and go, she wasn't the one instigating this rise to... Continue Reading →

Blogtober/blogoween 40 Blog ideas.

My blog has been around for about 18 months, last year I didn't participate in Vlogmas, Vlogtober, Blogmas, Blogtober or Blogoween because it seems like a mammoth task and I wasn't ready to partake and this year I'm going to attempt to get involved by partaking in my own much smaller version which is just... Continue Reading →

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