It’s December!

To mark the fact we are now on the 2nd December (ew) here’s a flash back Friday of our first Christmas as a family of 4!

Not sure how willing the kids would be this year to wear matching pyjamas and go to a crib service together – my now tweenager may burn up a church with her scowls of disdain at being around people singing 😂

Since this photo, the past 5 years we’ve all changed so much but also stayed the same in many ways. First up, all 5 years older (ew) and secondly, still together, still making it through. Survived Lockdowns together, we’ve all each had coronavirus and made it through, Trix has started Secondary School, Winnie started Primary school this year, there’s more but it’s early morning and I’m 100% sure no one can be bothered to read my rants at 8am on a Friday morning when all everyone wants to do is make it through the day and get to their jammies and hot coco – unless you’re one of those social humans and you’re going to get dressed up tonight, hit the town and down those margaritas 🍹

To summarise though – my kids laugh at me for my love of photographs and videos but for me, time moves so fast, we grow so fast and sometimes all we’ve got is those nostalgic passing moments. The times we were going through it, oh my days newborn a newborn baby and 2 other kids as a single parent is HARD, literally some days I questioned (still question) if I’m up for this mammoth task – but I look back on this photo and it’s one of my happiest memories (I sound so cliché)

Happy December everyone! 🎅 🧑‍🎄 🎄 🎁

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