Twenty Caravan Essentials

Caravanning is not simply about hitching up the van and hitting the road, there are lots of little things to learn! How many things do you really need to pack, should you travel with full water tanks, how do you find water and what are good sites. You will get to know it all piece by piece and create memories that will last forever!

TWENTY tips are –
1. Take essentials like toiletries, extra loo roll etc

2. Kitchen essentials like binbags, compact draining board, dishcloths, bowls. You’ll need all the obvious items like mugs, cups, plates and bowls.

3. Mini bin for your kitchen area and a big bin for outside

4. Travel potty for toddlers

5. Stock up your fridge/cupboard with essentials only unless you’re able to go to the shops. Long life Milk, bread, butter – staples

6. Tinned food and tin opener essential

7. Disinfectant spray/wipes

8. In the summer – travel fans

9. In autumn/winter – heaters

10.Handheld hoover

11. Travel chairs

12. Blankets/towels

13. Download Netflix movies if you’re caravanning in an area without Internet

14. Spare chargers/TV/laptop

15. Hard ground pegs for awning

16. Hammer and mallet

17. Prepare toilet

18. Use onsite showers and washing areas! To take advantage of hot water while caravanning off-grid in your caravan -switch the hot water back on about 10 minutes before shower time. That will give the tank enough time to heat up for you. If you’re needing to do some dishes, heat up a few cups of water in the kettle – it’s much quicker and uses less fuel!

19. Some people like to travel with full caravan water tanks, while others prefer to travel with them empty. Here are considerations for traveling with empty tanks:
• If you’re heading to a caravan park & hooking up to water, there’s no need to travel with full tanks;
• You won’t have water onboard in case of emergency or if you need to stop for lunch or to use the toilet;
• You’ll likely use less fuel as your set-up will weigh less.

20. Insurance

You don’t want to find yourself stuck out in the middle of nowhere, wishing you’d brought that thingamajig along after all so it’s a fine balance of not overpacking and adding extra weight to the caravan.

What would you add?

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