About me

Thought I’d do an ‘introduction post’ to any new followers! 😊

I’m Bryony – a single mother of 3 feral children in Lincolnshire UK – I enjoy talking about all things from mental health, to beauty to food to family. The name yourblendedfamily came from the fact I have mixed race children and it just fits.

We shouldn’t be ashamed and we should be able to celebrate living a different life. It may go against certain ideals but sometimes we are thrust into something you don’t expect and you adapt. It isn’t traditional but surely in the modern day standards a lot of people are going against what is traditional, let’s be honest, not all tradition is good!

I support all – by this I mean whatever your background, nationality, ethnicity, gender, job title, sexuality, mental health. To me diversity and culture is incredible and we should encourage and support it and I want my children to thrive & appreciate their own

I decided after about 9 years of just having just one personal instagram account @bryonyannie (I’ve only ‘blogged in the past 3 years which I started as a way to be able to talk about my own life experience and to help people) to spread my wings and create this ‘sister’ account – this account features more random content in forms of memes, quotes, feminism, stuff about day to day, reviews of things I’ve found helpful plus insta reels. I’ve wanted to be able to post & share things I feel unable to normally, like the blurry images or memories because I think both are just as important to me.

I use the hashtag #yourblendedfamily if anyone wants to join in I so I can engage & see everyone’s beautiful families – whether its biracial, step parents, LGBTQ, adopted, single parents, carers Foster families etc.

Families come in so many forms and it’s nice to see people embracing them or being educated about them – People adjust to new ways of living and we can educate others

Whether you’re a single parent, carer, trans parent, step-parent, step-sibling, half-sibling or member of some other non-traditional – yet totally beautiful – type of blended family, you know that finding unity & balance despite your family’s unique dynamics isn’t always a walk in the park.

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