My Carry Potty

Toddler Travel potty! Not gifted/not an ad.

One of the most useful things when you have a potty training toddler while out and about on your adventures – so thought I’d share ☺

It’s lightweight, leak-proof, and bag-free, it makes an excellent portable potty, particularly if there is nowhere suitable to dispose of the contents immediately or your child only likes to use their own potty. Plus, it’s available in this fun dinosaur design as well as Penguin, Bee, plain blue, plain pink, plain grey, Ladybird Bug, Cat and Fox.

When your potty trained toddler needs the potty there is no time to waste, so My Carry Potty makes it easy for you to take it with you.

The design –

•Lightweight, portable designLeak proof and bag free
•Ideal if there is nowhere to dispose of contents nearby
•Suitable for children who only like to use their own potty
•Carry handle
•26 x 23.5 x 15.2cm
•Suitable from 15 months (or when you start potty training)
• 98% recyclable and doesn’t require the use of inner plastic liners, which are expensive and difficult to dispose of.

My Carry Potty’s discrete ergonomic exterior is designed with non-slip feet for secure use on wooden or tiled floors. Their secure locking mechanism makes it leak-proof until you find a convenient place to empty.

Easy to clean. Just ’empty, spray and wipe’ like any home potty. Make sure you use a gentle antibacterial spray that is kind to your little one’s bottom.

Also – award-winning potty designed by Amanda Jenner, the UK’s toilet training expert and author of potty training books, and Gold winner of the Mother & Baby Awards in 2018 & 2020 in the Potty Training category

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