How on earth is it Friday already?! When I was younger it felt like weeks would last years and years a lifetime! Now I feel as though I blink and I’ve missed a month.

Been a crazy first week for the holidays – positives and negatives moments as always.

Here’s a photo dump of our caravan staycation in Skegvegas which I took loads of photos and videos (of course)

The kids enjoyed swimming, made friends, enjoyed the park, enjoyed ‘coronavirus restricted’ kids entertainment – @parkdeanresorts and @milkshake_tv have collabed for the kids entertainment – and we also fed the geese and ducks, one of them was a bit kinky and bit my butt.
With the weather being how it’s been I’ve been full on meltingggg but the children have definitely enjoyed spending time together in the sunshine (their other favourite activity is bickering and refusing to go to bed but that’s a whole other paragraph)

Some positives this week – can’t share too much of the juicy tea though – that’s what DMs and group chats are for:

•Winnie did her first poop on the toilet! Major breakthrough! (Definitely not showing that photo 😂)

• Trix has been out and about with her friends, she’s grounded today but the positive is that she’s actually socialising.

• Oscar is Oscar. He loved The Showbar in the evening and listening to music which was nice to see. I love him dearly but he definitely needs regular walks and meal times for him to be tolerable as he’s been pretty full on this week – between him and his older sister I really do find it challenging at times!

• Positives for me – I actually wore a t-shirt in public. I know it sounds like the most basic thing but I absolutely abhor my body – it’s something I’ve spoke about before, my struggles with Post Natal Depression and using food as a substitute for feelings etc… But my body is unrecognisable to me as a plus size so I wear baggy jumpers to hide myself but the weather being how it’s been I had no choice but to wear a t-shirt… Was I hyper aware of myself the entire time? 100% yes. Do I resemble the Lorax. 100% yes. But was I cooler. 100% yes.

• My nephew turned 3. My sister kept him alive 3 years. It’s a celebratory moment!

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