Schools out for summer

Schools out for Summer! End of the school year VS the start of the school year!

The month has been pretty hectic with end of school, clubs, family commitments, creating ‘non paid ad’ content etc. Last week was a big week for my little family though with it being the End of Year for school which meant of course the usual end of year activities at school, such as Sports Day for Oscar and Trix, ‘icecream on the field’ & movie watching (unfortunately parents/carers couldn’t attend because of Coronavirus regulations and they used to have fairs/assemblys)

Oscar got 1st place for the egg and spoon race, Skipping and running. He’s also been invested into Beavers now, got Worker of the week, had a terrific ticket and is ready for a summer off.

Trix came 2nd place in Sprint, skipping and 3rd place in Egg and Spoon race for Sports Day… As posted previously it was her last day in Year 6 on Friday. Last year of Primary School EVER. They had a Leavers celebration on the field and I’m just so proud of her. Really doesn’t matter to me what people define as success, for me it’s overcoming obstacles, facing things that challenge you and even if you’ve had heartbreak – to be able to still be kind & empathetic.

Both children’s school reports were amazing, obviously proud of Winnie too – she started at Nursery and loves craft and cooking!

I’m just overwhelmed by how fast the years have gone, by how we’ve all grown as people in the past decade.

I wanted to take some time off ‘proper posts’ this weekend for several reasons. Last week was very full on – I did a Leavers party at home for Trix and her friends which was busy! Dealing with a lot of people’s personal issues too… Also, as addressed via my insta stories, my house was burgled – I rang the police via 101 as it wasn’t a case of us being in immediate danger and they came over to check the property – they aren’t classing it as a burglary though and unfortunately see it as a theft. Long story short means someone I know has entered my property and stole a large sum of money, which was going to be used for Trixs new loft bed (also spoke about on stories- house decor) & it’s hurt me alot.. But just another challenge to face!!

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