Sh*t happens

Bad things can happen, and only too often they do – I like to think they create character enhancements and new directions – but we need to try and only let them take up a few pages of our story; and anyone can survive a few pages.

I discovered many things this week – alot of heavy subjects – one of them being a theft in my house of a large sum of money which was going to be used for my daughters new loft bed. It would’ve happened in the past 4 weeks, the police have come round and checked the house out but no sign of entry so they are classing it as a theft not a burglary but .. And it’s really knocked my confidence in people. I feel so hurt especially if it’s someone who knows me, someone who would take money off my family… I’ve been processing for the past couple of days, worrying about leaving the house but there’s nothing left to steal now and I can’t live my life scared. I’ve got though worse, like  abusive relationships, mental health issues, the incident I’ve mentioned previously when a man let himself into my house and stood over me and Oscar while I slept – I was pregnant and I forgot to lock the door that one time after a hard night with the kids and thought he was going to attack me but I’ve been vigilant with door security ever since. The week before that I had to ring the police on an ex that was harassing me (in 2017 and been single ever since) I’ve experienced so so much more in life, such as, being left, two secret pregnancies, one of which was secret for all of our safety… So knowing someone I could potentially know steal from my house has really wounded me.

The world seems to want us to be sad and angry because bad things frequently happen, but I think we should do the opposite.

We should be able to learn and grow and remember good things happen.

We should be delighted to see the sun rise and stars glow and rainbows color stormy skies.

We should slumber in sweet dreams and relish moments of laughter and love.

We should try to notice of the joys & kindnesses that do exist, still dictating the actions of millions of good people all over the world.

Life is filled with pleasant moments, not just grief.

We should be happy because this is true.

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