Small successes

If anyone knows me, they’ll know I live in the negative side of life (my bad) – almost as if feeling any moments of pride is punishable by death, or to have any sense of happiness it’ll be taken away, how dare I feel happy, how dare I move on, how dare I embrace my flaws and character traits… Because that’s the survival mode mindset I’ve got into after about 19 years of turbulent drama and harrowing heartbreak.

The thing is though, time does heal. Sure, the scars remain. Those ‘battle scars’ a lot of us have that darkened our minds and hearts. There are wounds though that sometimes, will forever be fresh no matter how much time has passed – there is no timeline for how fast you should heal. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. For me, I’ve been having to heal a multitude of stories all enveloped into one another, like a novel with many twists and turns. Too many chapters. Cliffhangers. Badly written plots. Horrific love stories. The occasional death. I forget though that within the suffering of these woeful tales – that there are small successes. My brain feels no surprises in the ‘unfortunate incidences’ anymore but it feels surprise in the good things…

Which, if you’ve continued to read this post, relates to the gorgeous photos of the day… Trix today had her last ever Primary School Sports Day (which no parent/carer could attend due to coronavirus regulations) and she came in 2nd for egg race, 3rd for skipping race and 2nd in sprint (so so proud she went for it!) Anyway, I saw these biscuits in @cooplandsbakers window as I was walking past and I just thought how cute they were and how baked goods are always a great treat after a long day. Was feeling pretty miserable this morning, long night with the kids and my extracted wisdom tooth is causing pain in my mouth, but I dragged my lethargic butt out the house with my little toddler sidekick in tow and got fresh air and biscuits! Sure, after school my kids were rude and bickering but we, as always, apologise to each other and move on.

My son has recently got Worker of the Week, he’s started football (had 3 sessions so far) and is all dressed up for Beavers and looks so cute!


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