About me

Thought I’d do a lil’ bit about me as a recent update for this year 2021!

Would be great to connect with like minded people (as well as total opposites!) I welcome all!

I’ve wrote a fair few things from mental health, to parenting to reviewing awesome eco products to recipes to poetry to family days out which will be all on this blog and on my social sites. I did take last year off to focus on my family, during the pandemic – growing social accounts wasn’t a priority, it couldn’t be a priority and would’ve been impossible, for me it was about surviving home schooling and generally getting through the year. I was so fortunate to be able to spend time with them… And for work to be put aside.

I admire and appreciate all KeyWorkers – you are all incredible. Also to the ones able (or had to) work from home with their children you are amazing! To the bloggers creating constant content your dedication is incredible.

I did insta story our daily ‘life through the pandemic’ which are on my instagram highlights as I did stories daily sharing what we got up to and life through our viewpoint!

Trigger Warning

Where to start!?

1) My name is Bryony!
Some may associate me with the name @bryonyannie as that’s the personal Instagram account I’ve had for about 8 years. Some may know me by Bryony – Perfectly Imperfect which is a blog I created about 2 and a half years ago. Some may know me by BryonyAShaw which is my Twitter name I made over 3 years ago when pregnant and couldn’t think of an original username. My kids know me as mama.

2) Single parent of 3. It’s not an uncommon factor but I’m proud of it. Why would I be proud to be a single parent? Well, my background is of toxic negative relationships, riddled with narcissism and control you’ll know that being free to be me is the best thing for me and my family. I searched for love and acceptance yet only attracted mental abuse and rejection and now I’m free to just be… Me.

4) Gained major trust issues and PTSD but heyho *character development*

5) Favourite colour – Black. Such a vibe.

6) Music taste – varied. Depends on mood I guess! Will always love old school rock, ’emo’ music, pop-punk, 90’s beats (obvz) and anything with screaming in🤘always opening to listening to new music.

7) I support LGBTQ. Love is love🌈

8) I support POC, all cultures, Creed, colour, religion 4eva & alwayz 😘

9) My children have different ethnicities and I love that about our family. We are unique. Firstborn white/Asian, Middle spicy white, youngest white/Nigerian.

10) Feminist💅

11) Since my teens I’ve known alsorts of people with mental health issues, I had family members hospitalised for it. As a teen myself I suffered depression and anxiety into my adulthood (still do)

12) I’m CEO of eating issues. Anorexia? Binge eating disorder? Bulimia. Being skinny to being overweight. Aye, a pro at it. Currently I’m in my overweight and insecure about it phase. I have and on/off relationship with food.

13) Post Natal Depression happens to me after each child.

14) I have dark sense of humour, dry wit, sarcastic, macabre, y’know the type!

15) Down to earth but awkward 🖤

16) Liberal.

My ‘socials’ –

Twitter, Tumblr & TikTok: Bryonyashaw

Facebook page, Pinterest, blog, Vero & YouTube: Bryony – Perfectly Imperfect

Snapchat, main instagram & Reddit : Bryonyannie

Second insta: yourblendedfamily

‘Personal’ Facebook: Bryony Anne Shaw

Mewe: Bryony Shaw

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