Andrex Toilet roll review

Quote on point though.

The kids and I were gifted 24 loo rolls from @theinsiders_uk as part of a trial campaign! Which has been great as Winnie has started potty training this week and the kids and I are always up for trying new things!

First thing to note of epic importance though, Winnie has had her first dry night! She’s just decided to take to it this week, going at their own pace really is key I believe. So proud of her!!

In regards to the Andrex Toilet roll – we opened them all up, built a tower and did loo roll bowling with an Andrex Teddy.

As you do.

How does one review loo roll? Well I can’t exactly give you a demonstration without scaring a fair few people on the Internet but what I can say is that it’s a soft wipe, does the job and withstands my children! Why do children use 10 pieces for one wee I’ll never know.

About said loo roll:

• Andrex® Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue is specifically designed to clean you and your family with a touch of softness. Plus, each toilet roll is uniquely Andrex®, with the loveable Andrex® puppy embossed on every sheet to confidently care for your family.

• Scan the QR code on pack to discover Andrex® puppy activities for the whole family to enjoy!

• You can also use Andrex® Toilet Tissue and Andrex® Washlets™ Moist Toilet Tissue for all day freshness†.

•Every pack of Andrex® Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue is made using 30% recycled plastic and is still 100% recyclable. Visit their website to find out more about their 2030 sustainability mission and how they are leaving a greener pawprint.

• Loveable Andrex® puppy embossed on every sheet

• 30% recycled packaging, still 100% recyclable

•Fragrance free, absorbent and soft rolls.

There was no obligation to post this, just review and share on their website but thought I’d share what we’ve been trying as I do with things I buy/or gifted… Plus thought the photos were cute.

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