First vaccine dose

I went and did a thing – first prick I’ve had in years! *da dum tsh*

For the past couple of weeks – or ever since my age bracket were being invited to have the vaccine – I’m been ‘umming and ahhing’ as to what is the right cause of action. This concern is because of many people claiming an array of things and I haven’t been sure what’s right or wrong, truth or lies, fact or fiction. I read the news, I’ve been seeing the horrific news for the past 18 months like everyone else and I made the decision to get the vaccine. I have  yet to turn into a mutant but it’s not the end of the day yet so there’s still hope to develop super powers (I’ll be disappointed if I don’t!)

At the end of the day, we all have to do what we think is best for ourselves and our family and I think getting the first dose of vaccine was right for me. I also decided to post this because I’m proud of myself for making the decision but I’m not into pushing my beliefs or life onto anyone – I’m a Liberal and pro-choice. I blog my life like the past 2 and a half years, my journey and this is just one of those moments I’ve chosen to share with you.

ALSO – Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers and father figures!

Did you know? Father’s Day is a holiday of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic countries of Europe, it has been celebrated on 19 March as Saint Joseph’s Day since the Middle Age

Fathers day (just like any other celebrated day) can be sensitive for people, myself included. It isn’t a day to slander deadbeat dad’s though – it’s a day you can celebrate father figures, a day to remember a father you may of lost or a day to remember what you do have in the way of family or friends.

Families can be two mothers, two fathers, single parents, grandparents being the carers, adoption, fostering, surrogates and we should celebrate all these families.
It can be heartbreaking that your childs father is not an equal parent, but that doesn’t mean that their absence is irrelevant. Your children deserve to be able to feel sad, mourning the absence of a father if they feel that way of course. Isn’t easy, trust me I know, I’m a single mum to 3!

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