Happy Mothers Day to all

Let’s not deny that there can be a dark, bittersweet side to Mothers’ Day. As worded so simply by this image by repealhydeartproject there are often complex stories behind any given person’s experience of Mother’s Day. I’m English so celebrate Mothers Day in March but I’m aware America celebrates today and I’m all for supporting our differences and diversity.

Thinking of mothers who have lost children – the unimaginable loss of a child does happen. A parent is always a parent. The love does not die, even if the child has passed.

Thinking of those who lost mothers.

Thinking of those with strained mother relationships.

Thinking of those with strained child relationships. There comes a time in the arch of parenting when it is best for us and for our children to let go of being responsible for them. Let go and let them. Yes, we will always be parents, but the job description changes as the kids get older.

Thinking of those who have chosen not to be mothers – this is not a political statement. It’s about compassion, for example, some people can’t have a child of their own for various reasons with the only option being adoption they may chose not to follow that path. There are many, many reasons and circumstances that can cause a person to decide they will not be a parent. 

Thinking of those yearning to be mothers – If you are yearning to be a mother do not despair. Try to be patient and to try be grateful for what you have right now whether it’s good health and family and friends. You will find a way.

Some details about American Mothers Day, sourced off good old Google:

•Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, who had moved from Grafton, West Virginia, to Philadelphia, in 1890, was the power behind the official establishment of Mother’s Day

•She swore at her mother’s gravesite in 1905 to dedicate her life to her mother’s project, and establish a Mother’s Day to honor mothers, living and dead.

•Also in 1908: the first bill was presented in the U.S. Senate proposing the establishment of Mother’s Day, by Nebraska Senator Elmer Burkett, at the request of the Young Men’s Christian Association. The proposal was killed by sending it back to committee, 33-14.

•A persistent rumor is that Anna’s grief was intensified because she and her mother had quarreled and her mother died before they could reconcile.

• In 1907 she passed out 500 white carnations at her mother’s church, St. Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia—one for each mother in the congregation.

•May 10, 1908: the first church—St. Andrew’s in Grafton, West Virginia—responded to her request for a Sunday service honoring mothers1908: John Wanamaker, a Philadelphia merchant, joined the campaign for Mother’s Day

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  1. That’s really interesting. I never know why here in the UK our Mothers Day is in March when lots of other countries celebrate in May. We have Fathers day in June. Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog


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