End Asian Hate

Something I strongly believe in is supporting diversity, culture and anti-hate. Hate is taught, it’s ignorance by uneducated people and (in my opinion) in this day and age is unacceptable. We have a fountain of knowledge at our fingertips! I haven’t got much of a platform to speak on and my voice is one of many but my voice is important too and I feel that we should show our support of all Creed and cultures because our differences make us special. We are the same as humans, our blood is red, we all have feelings, we all deserve equality and peace but why should our different backgrounds, ethnicity or nationality cause so much hate and unnecessary aggression.

According to @endracismvirus
“During the pandemic, hate crimes towards east and southeast asians have tripled. We stand with the east and southeast asian community against racism in all its forms.
End the Virus of Racism wants to establish the UK’s first non-profit dedicated to addressing racism faced by people of East and Southeast Asian heritage.”

I don’t support these causes because my children are of both asian and black backgrounds, I support these causes because we should support and love humanity in all it’s beautiful forms.

Because why should we have white privilege and not speak and acknowledge the racism.

Because cruelty is unnecessary.

Because ignorance isn’t acceptable.

Because people need to do better.

Because we can all do better.

Because my children, although white passing, shouldn’t have to fill in a form and question whether to put their true ethnicity down.

My fellow women over the years have had to ensure various prejudice and inequality all because someone decided one time that women were inferior. Why should we still have to fight for equality & women’s safety. Why should we still have to fight for POC and asians safety? In my opinion this is ridiculous and not good enough, I don’t want to raise my children in a world filled with such inhumanity, a world filled with abhorrence and violence.

There are many ways you can check your privilege and journey (click here) to deepen your awareness to how your actions affect the mental health of Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, or BBIPoC.


So figured I’d address something that seems to of gained traction on my second account @yourblendedfamily with a current reach of 70,000 like what!! It’s an account of 2000, I’m not a celeb or influencer, I didn’t expect my small voice to reach anyone. I post on it daily not for attention but because have a voice and I feel it’s important.

I decided yesterday to address racism and stereotypes because as a white female I’m aware of the privilege of the colour of my skin and what it brings.
I’ve never had to suffer oppression and all because I hadn’t mentioned that “not all white people are racist” my post attracted a lot of the wrong kind of people to the point where someone decided to bring in my children who aren’t ‘fully white into it.’ Which upset me because what do my children have to do with it, I’m proud of their black and Asian heritage. They are special and they will be raised in a house of unity and I want them to be in a world of equality and to fight stigmas.

I’ve not slept at all last night worrying if I’m doing the right thing by being candid about my life, my children and addressing issues I feel needs to be addressed. Someone commented saying “I don’t see any of this racism, does it really need to be addressed?”

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean you can’t be educated.

Just because your background, Creed and culture is different to someone else doesn’t mean we can’t all find mutual ground.

Just because someone’s skin colour or race is different doesn’t mean they should face prejudice.

I had someone else comment that “not all men are sexist” which wasn’t even the point of my post but while I’m here I may as well acknowledge that no, I don’t think all men are pure evil. I’m feminist it doesn’t mean I hate men and I know some incredible men. My son is being raised by a single woman (me) and he will grow into a fine young man.

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