Thinking of You

Mother’s Day can be a pretty painful day for those grieving the death or absence of their mother, for those grieving a lost child, for those with strained relationships and more… So for many, the day becomes about just getting through – I hope whoever is in this position has love and support. I’m lucky enough to still have my mother and nana but I know about death, I’ve dealt with losing people close or not close, I’ve dealt with a miscarriage too and I know many holidays or traditions bring lots of heartache to people… Unfortunately I don’t have much words of comfort because I’m also aware that people can say what they want and it doesn’t take the hurt away. I think when lots of people are grieving people never know what the right words to say are. Sad people make people uncomfortable, sad people aren’t what people want around, perhaps they serve as a reminder to them that not everything is permanent or perhaps ignorance to it. Either way, everyone is dealing with their own inner turmoil that we cannot fathom or understand unless we are that person.

So I share this, because whoever you are, you aren’t alone.

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