You are the Dragon

Anyone else single for whatever reason – through choice, divorce, waiting, being dumped, past issues, widowed, low self esteem etc… And if someone asks if you are seeing someone and you says no, the reply always is “you’ll meet the Right One.”

Now, I LOVE love.. I see all these beautiful happy couples thriving and I’m so happy for them and people thrive within relationships which I admire so much, takes hard work and effort…

But what happens if you’re quite happy as you are? Why do you need ‘another half’ to validate you? You don’t (in my opinion)

If I was taught from a young age I don’t need The One to thrive then I would’ve honestly saved myself so much heartache and pain seeking validation.
I’ve mentioned before that my teen life wasn’t good, there was a void left in my heart over the years that I thought a couple of narcissistic men could fill the past decade and it wasn’t til I had my children I realised what I really needed, what I need them to learn and what we all need to learn… That we can be our own heroes.

A lesson that you should NEVER change for anyone.

A lesson that we all make bad choices but it doesn’t make you a bad person.

A lesson that with love does come pain but you have to learn to love and accept yourself, your flaws and your good traits.

A lesson that in life there is pain but also lessons in that pain.

(In my opinion) you don’t need The One to live a happy life or to be successful…
You’ll probably read this and say “ah, she’s just not met the Right One yet” and I honestly thought I had once. I was in love once and I envisioned marriage, the house, even a dog and it didn’t work out, he wanted that with someone else… And I reflect and think, what did I do wrong? The answer is nothing. Out of the three longterm main relationships I’ve had, they all wanted me to change who I was. The spark that made me ME they wanted to dull and sometimes it takes those people to actually teach you that you DON’T need to change. Another thing I reflect on, is the times I needed help and support – after all my children I had Post Natal Depression but I soon learnt that the only person that could save me, was me.

She didn’t need the Prince.

She was the Dragon.

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