Gaston Luga – Pärlan Black – why you should own one!


Gaston Luga is a brand that aims to design backpacks that bridge the gap between fashion and function – something durable and you look good while using it!

Gaston Luga is a Swedish based company which designs bags & backpacks. Founded in 2016  and with market presence in the Nordics and Asia.

This company operates in many parts in the world; therefore, there is a need to consistently set better standards for operations worldwide.

  • All their materials are carefully sourced and in compliance with EU regulations.
  • Committed to lowering carbon footprint by using the most effective transportation alternatives.
  • Important that their growth is sustainable, hence, they also regularly inspect their partners’ facilities in order to ensure the maintenance of fair trade and good working conditions.
  • They strive for perfection in everything they do while also taking care of the environment.


A journey to a new continent and the acquaintance with a Frenchman is the inspiration behind Gaston Luga, a Swedish lifestyle fashion brand with a unique line of backpacks and accessories designed to be ideal companions when discovering the world.

When Carl Sundqvist, founder of Gaston Luga, met the said Frenchman, he was interested in both his strong sense of style and the effort he put into creating something out of the ordinary – performing several modifications to his own designer brand bag. This inspired Carl to create his own backpack brand, combining a classic elegant style with practical details.

It was important for Carl to create something he would wear himself and be proud of. “We understood the industry was lagging behind when it comes to what customers wanted” said Carl. His vision was to develop a line combining Scandinavian minimalism with elegance, apt to suit all different occasions. 


“Vegan Leather. Here at Gaston Luga, we care about animal rights. Therefore we are proud to say that all of our products are vegan!”
All elements with a leather look are made with polyurethane, a synthetic leather that looks and feels similar to a real leather. The material is famous for being durable and easy to clean. The factory used follows production standards made by EU and we are in close contact with the factory ourselves. Visits to the factory are made regularly by the GL team which assures quality of working conditions and circumstances. 
*Source from their frequently asked questions.


They focus on sleek designs that fit perfectly into an adventurous lifestyle for both men and women.

  • Gaston Luga backpacks are unique as they feature highly structured internal divisions and a clean, streamlined shape.
  • They are also assembled from strong, resistant fabrics such as cotton canvas and metal buckles.
  • These backpacks are made from vegan leather that maintain a high quality feel.
  • They have included cool details like address tags, subtle colors, metallic hardware, and metallic feet and combined them with elements of Scandinavian minimalism like smart storage and the use of long-lasting materials. In this way, we’ve created a collection of backpacks that are perfect for any occasion.

One of the signature features of these fabulous backpacks are the concealed passport pocket – I’ve not seen before! This pocket is located at the back of the bag and nestles safely into the wearer’s back which is great for travelling and to have easy access for yourself  while also being safe to avoid loss of potential important items, such as, a passport or ID.


Check out their LookBook!


Bags available for men and women:

(no rules on what gender can wear what here though!)

  • Praper 
  • Classic
  • Biten 15″
  • Kampis
  • Classy Mini
  • Pärlan


Colours you can choose from:

  • Burgandy
  • Hawthorne pink
  • Midnight blue
  • Black
  • Grey and brown
  • Black and brown
  • Grey and brown
  • Navy and brown
  • Olive and brown
  • Black and burgundy
  • Brown and sand
  • White
  • Black
  • Olive and black
  • Black and pink


gaston luga bags
Various bag styles and their sizes.




There are also an array of accessories:

  • Card holder
  • Arlig travel bag
  • Purses/wallets
  • Tote bag
  • Coloured Address tags
  •  Mixed colour flap tops
  • Toiletry bag




I was kindly gifted a Pärlan Black bag.

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Three simple points why you should own a Pärlan Black Gaston Luga bag

  1. Durable.

  2. Chic style.

  3. Functional compartments.





No photo description available.


I’m so excited to be able to use this bag as it’s so different to the usual baby bag I had become accustomed to – having a decent bag is such an important thing when you’re travelling with kids. It’s beautifully designed, chic and simple. I love the Scandinavian design and feel of this bag.

This particular bag – Pärlan – is made from comfortable, lightweight and water resistant nylon, durable enough go with you anywhere and for me I’ve found it useful for taking with me my daily necessities plus even baby wipes and a nappy for my toddler. Feels great when on your shoulders and the straps are easy to use and the bag looks very stylish.

Good points:

  • The inside is compact with room for your daily necessities (purse and even can be used as a nappy bag and add wipes in too if you’re a busy parent on the go!)
  • The colour is suitable for all outfits – black goes with anything but they offer a great array of colour alternatives for all bags they sell.
  • Has a special compartment that holds up to A5-sized documents.
  • Has a hidden back pocket where you can store your most precious valuables.
  • Easy to clean.


Bad points:

  • All I can think of it that it could be bigger but that isn’t an issue as you can just buy a bigger size backpack, this bag is perfect for out and about trips for necessary items although for big days out I wouldn’t be able to use this particular one as I have 3 children.



No photo description available.


Check out their Instagram, Facebook and Website.

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