Interesting seeing all these posts about “being kind” and “support mental health” when half these people are back stabbing bitches who ditch the moment something bad happens in peoples lives.

“You’ve changed” “Just stop caring so much.” “It’s all in your head.” “Yeah, I just can’t handle you right now.” “You don’t go out anymore…” “You go out too much.” “Just be happy.” “So and so said you did this, and I 100% believe the rumours.” “Oh, you look different.” “Wow, you’re just so weird.” “Pull yourself together.” “Your opinions aren’t valid as my life is the correct way to live.” “What’s wrong with you?” “There’s nothing wrong with you.” “Other people have it worse.”

It’s ok to make mistakes.
It’s ok to not have a ‘perfect life.’
It’s ok to feel down.
It’s ok to be yourself.
It’s ok to have bad days.
It’s ok to not be perfect.
It’s ok to fall apart when life doesn’t go the way you expect it to.
It’s ok to feel disappointed, rejected and bitter.
It’s ok to put your needs and feelings before others.
It’s ok to experience failure.
It’s ok that people leave, they weren’t meant to be.
It’s ok to feel sad, happy, guilt, joy, anger, peace.
It’s ok to be alone.
It’s ok to have a slow healing process.
It’s ok to talk about your pain.
It’s ok to not talk about your pain.
It’s ok to change, change isn’t always bad.

Don’t be ashamed of your journeys because it inspires others in similar situations.

I know mine does, I know my heartbreaks have been able to teach others how to handle theirs.

The ignorance in today’s society is still pretty appalling, I hope in time it changes into something proactive, positive and educational.

Everyone has a journey and no ones life is any less valid for taking a different path, for making errors or for not being mentally well.

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