NEVEO photo album | Gift idea for Grandparents


“Neveo is an application that helps creating a monthly paper journal gathering your family’s pictures for your parents or grandparents who might have a harder time handling social networks or smartphone, or simply live far.

Neveo is very easy to use: create an account, add other family members if you wish, post pictures and add captions. On the last day of every month, we handle all the rest: layout, printing, and postal delivery at your parents’ or grandparents’!”


Founded in 2015 to encourage families to share photo moments with those who might not be familiar with the latest technologies and are not able to see their close ones often – such as – the older generation bridging the generation gap.

The founders wanted to bring the social media experience that you can have online to have same experience to Neveo – easy uploads and monthly photos. They wanted their customers to be able to spontaneously upload photos and comments to stay in touch with the ones who have no access to the application.

The product they do is a social media application (both for mobile and web) that enables sharing best photo-moments with your grandparents, parents and friends through a monthly family booklet.

Neveo is a Belgian start-up – the first version of the product was actually a digital frame that would display photos sent via an application, but after three years, due to business reasons, the company decided to switch to a paper version of the product. With it all adding up to more than 1M photos maintaining servers to provide for such traffic was one of the biggest challenges the company faced during the development, which are usually uploaded within the last few days of the month. 

One of the main goals was to give users a smooth experience in the mobile application without any bugs, crashes or long load times so everything works automatically. 

Users upload photos through the application as they would on any other social media app and at the beginning of each month their close relatives receive a nicely designed booklet with the photos and messages that have been shared.


“A very common feedback that we’re getting is that when the families receive the first booklet with photos from their close ones, they get so emotional that they cry. That’s probably the best feedback for us.”

Simon Desbarax
Co-founder, Neveo


I received a photo album in exchange for this blog post but all opinions are my own.

The album I received is lovely!

It arrived on time, easy to upload photos which I was able to upload 50, you can add captions to the photos to (I just didn’t realise how big the captions could be, I could’ve wrote more!) and you can also add friends and family to add their own images to make a cute album filled with everyones memories of that month.

neveo photo album


Each subscriber can share up to 180 photos every month depending on your price plan and the journals are printed monthly.



You can switch rates whenever you want, for free and the journal will be printed if at least one picture has been posted.

The number of pages is automatically adapted to the number of posted pictures in order to avoid blank pages and the indicated number of picture is the maximum amount, you do not need to reach it for your journal to be printed.

The maximum number of pictures per journal depends on the subscription plan you opt for:

  • “Great” rate, you can post up to 50 pictures per month.
  • “Amazing” rate, you will be able to post up to 100 pictures per month.
  • “Maxi” rate, you will be able to post up to 180 pictures per month.


  1. A monthly paper containing up to photos no commitment.
  2. Automatic layout
  3. Send your photos with a single mouse click. At the end of each month, the layout is done automatically
  4. Monthly delivery
  5. Every month your family journal will be delivered via the post to your grandparents.
  6. Worldwide delivery
  7. Send your most precious memories around the whole world, for the same price!
  8. 100% secure
  9. Your photos remain your property and are stored on protected servers.
  10. Maximum number of photos per month
  11. Sign up for free
  12. Cancel anytime
Terms & conditions and privacy policy


Neveo would be a wonderful gift for any family member and a really lovely idea. A monthly booklet with up to 100 images uploaded costs £14.99 a month or £9.99 for a 50 image version.

Neveo is printed and delivered at the same prices all over the world 


Neveo uses a standard layout and prints the photos and captions just as you have uploaded them. 



The Neveo customer service is great – they email at each step of the process to let you know that your journal is being created. After this they confirm when the finished journal has finally been sent. I’ve used Neveo as a one of for a blog review but can say the interface is so easy to use.

neveo photo album


I think these photo albums are a fabulous way to encourage families to connect, to share memories and to actually print images – who even prints these days?!

As a society, we now produce more photographs than ever before and the total number is becoming difficult to fathom. The point of printing (often the point of taking a photo in the first place) was to share your memory with someone else but now that we don’t need prints to do that, it makes sense that people are choosing not to spend money on them, especially when electronically sharing images also happens to be much more convenient, however, like mentioned above, not everyone has access to this and not everyone wants to share images online.

Photo printing brings those moments back into our lives and they are tangible and easily accessible.

For children they have a sense of security and belonging when the photos are displayed throughout their own home and also to family and friends to be able to share those memories (my daughter loves seeing old photos)

As this is a monthly album you can sign up to it means that those who aren’t online (or even those who are) can see those moments, we don’t post our photos online all the time (I definitely don’t, my images of my children or memories in general aren’t for the whole world to see) This means that you can send a family journal to grandparents etc once a month and include photos of all of their children and grandchildren in each instalment, inviting all the aunts and uncles etc to contribute to the journal too.

When people see photos they see happy times and when my Nana saw photos in the printed album of images she hadn’t seen, of new baby photos the reactions were immediate and joyful. She was able to talk about the people in the photos and it made a conversation. 

The target audience of this is the older generation, however, I personally love it for just in general for myself! I think being able to put into an album every month with captions is a great (and easy) way to form a baby book for the children to grow up and look back on. 

You can install the App via Google play and sign up for free.7

Download the app in the Apple store and Google Play. Enjoy the best experience on iPhone or Android!


App info

  • Size – 46M
  • Installs – 100,000+
  • Current Version – 2.54
  • Requires Android – 4.4 and up
  • Content Rating – PEGI 3 Learn More



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  1. We’ve been doing something similar for a few years now – creating calendars for family sharing photos from the past year. These are a great idea for keeping hold of the memories. #KCACOLS

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  2. These are always a favourite with the grandparents and parents aren’t they? Especially if the live far away, it’s a great way to make sure they don’t miss out on those moments captured. Thank you so much for linking up with #kcacols and we hope to see you next time.

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