Top 11 Subscription Boxes you need to try / Gift Guide

The below subscription boxes were all gifted to me free in exchange for an honest review – all opinions are my own.



1. Chewymoon.

A subscription box that you can cancel anytime – healthy food combined with  toys and games.

ChewyMoon creates delicious and healthy snack boxes for hungry kids exploring the pantry, and helps them save their efforts for schoolwork. Whether you wish to sneak a little nutrition into homework time or a refreshing pop to energise your kids, ChewyMoon snack boxes are the perfect nosh for kids of all ages.

The box contains a selection of 10 yummy, healthy, all-natural mini-snack packs. We also include a Fun Pack of collectible cards and stickers.



2. Treat Trunk

Treat Trunk was created with both children and parents in mind, to bring the family together! So as well as child-friendly goodies, each month they include a selection of snacks specifically aimed at you parents too. These will be chosen for aspects particularly beneficial to you such as energy boosting, hormone balancing, relaxation etc.

They offer a wide range of snacks that is better for you than most of the stuff you’ll find at your local sweet shop.

There are four adventurous subscription options that you can sign your tastebuds up – 





3. Savage Vines

From the vineyard to your door from £29.95 a month! Subscribers get 25% off

By buying from this company you support independently family run businesses that offer organic and biodynamic wines.

Wines are delivered in an easy to carry briefcase with handle.

In your monthly wine subscription box you will receive:

  • Wines from independent family run vineyards
  • A wine map showing you where they’re from.
  • Tasting notes incl. food pairing suggestions.
  • Podcast talking you through each wine!


4. Your Sommelier

Every month you will receive 3 bottles of French wine selected around a new theme by our expert Sommeliers.

Your box will include matching tasting cards, which will provide information about the wine, regions, appellation and the ideal food pairing. You’ll also get our welcome binder to store your cards which you can get monthly to discover new wines each month!

Your Sommelier was established in 2014 by Celian Ravel d’Estienne and Vianney de Leudeville. Two Frenchmen who gave up their successful banking careers in London to set up an independent online wine retailer offering weekly exclusive offers & monthly wine subscription boxes of the finest French wines and Champagnes directly from the producers. This is their story:






5. My Mask time

Each month at Mask Time every single mask is carefully selected and tested before being curated, these are products that this company use on a personal basis and would recommend – their boxes also reflect the season we are in and addresses what our skin needs when the weather changes!

Every box is then hand packed with love, included is also a ‘Haul Card’ with details of what is inside and how to use them. All this delivered to your door each month so that you can get that all important ‘Mask Time’!

“I really wanted the business to have personality and not be just another run of the mill beauty box company, not only do I love beauty but I love art and I feel the two go hand in hand, when designing the brand, I wanted to create something that could showcase both these aspects which I hope you can see permeate through from my sketchbook packaging to the beautifully hand packed boxes and the website which I have spent many hours mulling over.

It was very important for me to represent what I envisioned Mask Time to be; a fresh and quirky brand appealing to women of all ages (even men!) with some fun thrown in because, well no matter how old we are we deserve some fun but also to keep in mind a simple clean balanced look to reflect what skincare should be.”


My mask time face mask subscription box




6. Ivory Gloss Box

A special meditation box – guided meditations and started creating luxury rituals including the latest self-care products.  Each month put together is a selection of wellness treats including a step-by-step guided meditation based on current energies. Ivory Gloss is now a Virgin Start-Up company with a mission to change the consciousness of humanity.

“A lot of people ask me ‘Why the name Ivory?’ and as much as I love elephants, conservationism wasn’t the initial reason I chose Ivory as a business name. Instead it was the symbolism. The word Ivory is full of duality. It’s a beautiful, strong material (when attached to its rightful owner, of course) and it has spiritual connotations as part of the elephant, but it’s also a reminder of the work we need to do.”

No photo description available.

No photo description available.



7. Stars and Sage Box

Curated bath rituals and self care kits,  holistic mind and body goodies.

Ethical, natural & cruelty-free products, from amazing brands minding our health and our environment. They go for cruelty free and whenever possible strive for: natural, organic, plant based, ethically sourced and transparent. You’ll receive a booklet describing every goodie in your box to make it easier for you to know each product’s ingredients and to help you create a ritual with them.

With a monthly subscription, you can cancel whenever you want. With 3-month subscriptions you can opt out at the end of your plan, since you payed upfront. Going on vacation and have a MONTHLY plan? Skip a month!

No photo description available.





8. Letterbox Lab

Everything you need to inspire your little scientist in a flexible and convenient subscription.

Letterbox Lab is the kids’ science kit reinvented to be more fun, more colourful, more convenient and more educational than ever before.

Developed by two passionate science fans who have dedicated a decade to engaging the public with science, our science kits inspire children to play with scientific ideas and make hundreds of discoveries in their living rooms.

For parents, they’ve made a science kit that arrives through your letterbox containing everything you need to perform incredible experiments with your children – no prep time or extra materials required, and with instructions so clear you can get started with ease.

For children, it’s much more than that as it’s the beginning of an adventure that will take them over the rainbow, across space and into the inner workings of the natural world.





9. Willow and Wild Craft Box

Connecting Children with Nature

Discover a new way for your creative explorers to play & learn about nature through the seasons with Willow & Wild Box.

​A personalised, monthly subscription box for 3 – 8 year olds, packed full of materials & activities focusing on gardening, craft, cooking, making, creating and getting children outside.

  • All box contents are PLASTIC FREE & seeds are ORGANIC.
  • Free delivery
  • From £8.50 per month!
  • Three options available! LetterBox, BumperBox & Siblings Box






Eve’s Parcel is specifically designed to make your time of the month a breeze. 

Your parcels are personalised to include your preferred sanitary requirements as well as an array of treats and surprises to indulge in. 

Receive up to 5 or more self-care beauty, skincare and lifestyle products focused on you and your personal well being every month.

Use code Welcome10 for 10% off your first box!







11. Ecoco Box

Each month, you can buy the products featured in your box with 15% off using a unique code included in the box (this is a limited time offer which lasts until the release of the following box, but let’s you get more of what you love at a great price!)

Loyalty Programme – with every £1 you spend with ecocobox, whether that’s in their store, or via the subscription, you get 5 ecocopoints. These points are the equivalent to 5p, and once you have collected enough you can redeem them against a voucher to spend in store. You can also collect points for sharing ecocobox on social media, following on Instagram and opening an account. Typically, people earn a £5 voucher after just 3 boxes with them! And it’s no strings, no minimum spend, just a voucher for you to treat yourself for eco friendly, vegan, organic items for mama and baby.







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