Blogtober Blog Post Round up

I’ve managed a whole month doing a blog post EVERY DAY! Go me! I succeeded – I was only planning on 4 times a week and managed to get all of it done.


There are a mix of blog posts ranging from beauty to days out to personal posts – I enjoy being able to have a varied ‘niche’ as it allows me the freedom to post what I want without any restriction (I appreciate this isn’t for everyone) but for me with such varied interests it’s enjoyable.


Here’s a list of 10 reasons why people blog and how blogging can benefit your personal or professional life.
  1. Express yourself and share your passions.
  2. It’s a great way of meeting new people, globally or locally. 
  3. Blogging helps to spread ideas and connections beyond geographical boundaries.
  4. Make a difference.
  5. A great hobby.
  6. Refine your writing skills.
  7. Learn how to make money online.
  8. Build your professional network.
  9. Earn more exposure. 
  10. Become an authority in your industry.



Here is a round up of all the posts I’ve done – all thirty one of them plus images!


  1. Blogtober/blogoween 40 Blog ideas.
  2. Top 130 Nursery Rhymes for kids
  3. Kids Halloween costume ideas from my Instagram @bryonyannie
  4. 2000+ words of my Tweets!
  5. The Foresthog – go Eco Cleaning friendly!
  6. Rules to teach your daughter
  7. The Cricketers/Fuzzy Eds Grimsby
  8. Five pieces of ‘New Baby’ advice I disagree with
  9. 20 Christmas Toys Gift guide age 4 to 10
  10. Why likes online suck|Why you need time offline
  11. Emma’s Diary Parent Squad Palmers Samples Review Mission
  12. 2000 words of Tweets / part two!
  13. Hair today, gone tomorrow | Alopecia.
  14. 15 recommended Eco products for small switches in the home
  16. 8 reasons why Mrs Hinch Madness can be a negative influence
  17. Halloween Packet Mixes/30 Treat Ideas
  18. Lottie Dolls – Toys for all genders.
  19. Reviewing a ‘Tryit UK’ box
  20. Flash SpeedMop / Savvy Circle Review
  21. Ten ways with Deli Kitchen flatbread.
  22. Pixi Beauty #pixipretties make up looks
  23. Clever Tykes Story Books | Review
  24. Ecoco box | Five reasons to try Eco and Organic Beauty
  25. 100 HORRIFYING Halloween Hashtags
  26. 30 Kid approved Halloween movies!
  27. Halloween at Rushmoor Farm Park & Falconry Centre
  28. 15 Tips I’ve Learnt since becoming a mum
  29. 100 Sandwich filler ideas
  30. Friendly Soap/ Review on natural Soap Bars
  31. Six ways of going shampoo free aka ‘no poo’




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  1. Well done! I completed Blogtober in previous years but was just too busy this year! I still haven’t got around to scheduling in advance so am always racing for deadlines! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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