Clever Tykes Story Books | Review


This company offer a fantastic array of alternative books that I’ve not seen on the market.

The Clever Tykes books bring resourceful, enterprising role models to life with modern characters inspire children to have a positive demeanour and work hard to overcome challenges they may face.

The stories prove popular with children ages 6, 7, 8 and 9 with a range of interests. Perfect for bedtime reading, to assist in their reading or inspire their creative spirit!


The storybooks are versatile teaching resources suitable for KS2:

  • Guided reading
  • Enterprise education
  • Circle time and class reading
  • PSHE or citizenship
  • Comprehension
  • English texts
  • The basis for maths and art and design tasks


“It was through our experiences and research that we realised we could inspire children through storybooks and story-bound role models, so we set about creating them.

We’re passionate about raising aspirations in children everywhere. Did you know that only 25% of our professional success is determined by our IQ? The majority is determined by our positivity, social support and being able to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat. Enterprise education embodies all of this and we want to make sure that children believe in themselves and excel academically and in whichever career path they choose.

The UK needs exciting young innovators and entrepreneurs to drive the economy forward and become the employers of tomorrow. We realised that some of the best young business people our country has to offer were familiar with enterprising behaviour from a very young age (as we explain in our story here), but shouldn’t everyone have the chance to be successful?

We’re adopting a grassroots approach to inspiring innovative behaviour. As a society, we must demonstrate to young people that a challenging and rewarding career can be as an entrepreneur in a private venture, social enterprise or charity. We need to promote the right role models for our children to emulate.

We are, by no means, trying to create an influx of child entrepreneurs. Rather, we are gently introducing the idea of self-employment to children so that it becomes a realistic option for them when deciding what they want to do later in life.

After founding a growing social media company, find out how a meeting with 12 young entrepreneurs led to us analysing the way children learn about enterprise. We applied this to the wider economic situation of the UK before coming up with a solution to completely revolutionise the way we approach entrepreneurship.

The UK needs exciting young innovators and entrepreneurs to drive the economy forward and become the employers of tomorrow. We realised that some of the best young business people our country has to offer were familiar with enterprising behaviour from a very young age (as we explain in our story here), but shouldn’t everyone have the chance to be successful?


The stories follow four different protagonists as they each realise that there is something they are especially good at or passionate about and they set about making this into their own venture!


They consist of:

  • Diversity
  • Positivity
  • Innovation
  • Independence
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness and are read all over the world, at home and in school.






Title: The Clever Tykes Books – Walk-it Willow; Code-it Cody; & Change-it Cho

Author: Clever Tykes (Author), Sam Moore (Illustrator)

Publisher: JayBee Media Limited

Publication Date: 2014

Formats: Paperback

Genre: Children’s books, Mindset & Growth; Education



Walk-it Willow 

About a budding dog-walker who realises she can provide a valuable service to her neighbours. However, things take a turn for the worse when Willow walks too many dogs at once! Oh dear!



“Willow loves dogs and enjoys walking her big shaggy pet, Stomp. When Miss Snippet asks for her help, Willow realises that she can turn doing what she loves into a great way to earn money and help others.

Willow soon puts her skills into action, but when she makes a mistake she faces some tough decisions. How will she put things right, and whatever will Mr Moore say?”





Code-it Cody

Follows the interests and ambitions of computer-whizz, Cody. When Mr Chip sees his potential, he encourages him to enter a competition with a computer game of his own.



“Cody is a boy with a real talent for tech and problem-solving. Cody is well-known for his computer skills but when he encounters a problem he can’t fix, he has to seek the help of the mysterious Mr Chip!

Mr Chip introduces Cody to the world of computer club where he meets three new friends who all love computers and want to learn even more about them. Oh, and Cody is hearing impaired. You probably wouldn’t have guessed it because he never lets it get in the way!

When the computer club competition is announced, an excited Cody starts on a quest to research as much as possible before creating the prototype of his new computer game. He even makes sure he works hard on his creative skills to make the best game possible. After months of hard work, the moment of truth arrives, and Cody and the other computer club members have to pitch their prototypes in front of a panel of teachers! Cody’s friend Hana has produced a game the teachers will really like. Can Cody do better?”







Change-it Cho 

A story about a girl with a passion for inspiring positive change. Cho loves running and eating healthily and wants to spread her enthusiasm with her school friends. However, not everyone is receptive of her ideas!



“Cho is a feisty competitor and enjoys nothing more than beating George in races! Cho’s parents have always helped her eat healthily so when she sees kids from school eating junk food every day, Cho decides something must change.

Cho begins raising awareness about healthy eating but gets a frosty response from the shopkeeper. After the local council tells her she can’t start her own fruit stall in the village, Cho is faced with her biggest challenge ever.”








The Clever Tykes range of books are also available from their website, and the sites shop includes a variety of teaching resources. If you work in a school then their are a number of discounts available.



Some of the articles Clever Tykes has featured in:

City entrepreneurs launch business books aimed at children – article in the Birmingham Post

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Growth Britain initiative, Clever Tykes one of their favourite ideas to grow Britain!

Government uses Brum books to promote enterprise – article on the Birmingham Chambers of Commerce site.

Inclusion in Lord Young’s (advisor to the prime minister on enterprise) report on enterprise education, entitled enterprise for all (page 24 and 25)

Teaching children entrepreneurship will drive economic growth – article featured in The Information Daily

Five Midland businesses make Lloyds Bank Enterprise Awards shortlist – Birmingham Post 

Co-founder Ben Cook featured in Elite Business magazine’s watercooler moment

Regional books designed to inspire enterprise hit shelves of Harrods – Midlands Business News

Co-founder Ben Cook quoted by the Financial Educators Council about how real-life context helps children grasp money concepts.

Ben Cook’s thoughts on whether you can learn to be an entrepreneur on CEO Blog Nation (see number 12!).

Birmingham entrepreneurs write their own success – BQ Live

Founders Ben and Jodie Cook discuss the Clever Tykes books in Style Birmingham Magazine




I recommend these books for your children! They were gifted to us, no payment involved but all thoughts are our own and there are no affiliate links.

The books teach my children to be your own entrepreneur – to be able to challenge yourself and face problems head on with logical thinking and reasoning.

My son is 5 and enjoyed all of these books without even thinking of the message behind it because to him that’s just how the world should be – a world of learning, exploration and a world where all genders can do all roles.

My 9 year old is able to physically read them herself – the font is easy, the words are great to follow and for a young mind these books offer a way for the reader to find solutions too, for example, problem solving.

I try to teach my children by modelling the behaviours I would like them to display – by this I mean regularly talking about all genders being able to do anything they want, by problem solving myself, by being my own entrepreneur and also by talking about ethnicities  (I have a mixed raced Asian child and mixed race Jamaican child and in these books they show a mix of genders and ethnicity) and Willow, Cody and Cho are fantastic role models for this! 

Each story shows them facing a problem or difficulty and finding an enterprising solution – the stories were also based around themes that the children could relate to such as animals, healthy eating and computers.

I think these are books should be on every school libraries shelf as lovely books, lovely quality and lovely message.

Another thing to note is the illustrations from Sam Moore – which give life to the characters spoke about and also for my toddler while reading something visual to look at.


Check out their WebsiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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