Blogtober/blogoween 40 Blog ideas.

My blog has been around for about 18 months, last year I didn’t participate in Vlogmas, Vlogtober, Blogmas, Blogtober or Blogoween because it seems like a mammoth task and I wasn’t ready to partake and this year I’m going to attempt to get involved by partaking in my own much smaller version which is just a week before Halloween do a Halloween theme every day for 7 days – maybe I’ll join in with Blogmas. I am aiming for about 3 or 4 blog posts a week this month though!



So, from what I’ve gathered Blogtober is a month of blogging love for your neglected blog – although mine isn’t neglected I post frequently averagely once or twice a week but for those who have lost their mojo it’s a good excuse to dust off the keyboard and write one blog post per day for the entire month of October.

Yes, even on weekends – which you can pre-write and schedule in or just post about your day.

There’s also Blogvember, Blogcember etc but why put off tomorrow what you can do today or this month? (Also, there’s the vlogging version!)

Join the blogging community this month for blogtober or blogoween – whichever you can commit to.



Blogoween challenge. What’s the difference?

It’s taking blog posts one step further for the month of October and make all 31 posts about Halloween!



Preparation is the key to succeeding in any blogging sessions like this!



1. Start a blog Editorial Plan

Ok, this is a fancy name for a list of blog posts you want to write. It’ll make the month easier if you already know what you are going to write. Time to brainstorm a little.

2. Build your image library

If you are like me finding those perfect images to complement your writing can take extra time. Start building a library of free images to use for your blog posts to save time during Blogtober.

3. Start writing now

No, you aren’t cheating if you create a few blog posts ahead of time. It’s about having a few blog posts up your sleeve to cover those days you just can’t be bothered!

4. Do a little research

There is no point banging on about stuff you like when your readers aren’t interested. Go Pro and search for the keywords and phrases other people are using to improve your organic traffic – although if you’re like me you just post because you enjoy and I think that’s the most important thing.

5. Tell your readers

A common mistake is not to advertise you are doing this, it’s likely your readers only visit your blog periodically. Let them know you’ll be posting something each day so they turn up for what’s new!

6. Post Something each day

Make sure you post something each day, even if it’s a round up of your good blog posts or interesting things you’ve found on the Internet that day.

7. Mix it up

Be sure to mix up your blog content, with images, video, how to’s and lists to keep it more interesting for your readers during this month.

8. Call out for help

If you are getting stuck then put your hand up and let someone get you back on track. The blogging community are always willing to help a friend in need.

9. Enjoy Yourself

If you’re not having fun then it’s going to get boring. Have some fun during Blogtober and let your creative side loos, post whatever you want!

You just never know, you might just find that sweet spot with your readers and get more share love than you’d expect.



  1.  Favourite horror movies
  2. Fall/Autumn self-care tips and tricks
  3. Things you are most thankful for (Thanksgiving if American)
  4. Easy DIY Halloween Wreath
  5. 30 Horror Movies to set October’s Mood
  6. Halloween Lover Gift Guide
  7. Hama Bead Halloween Designs
  8. 10 Spirits to Booze Up your Halloween
  9. 5 Board Games to Play During Halloween
  10. DIY Hocus Pocus Halloween Party
  11. 6 Recipes for Leftover Candy
  12. Fall themed makeup ideas
  13. Fall fashion ideas
  14. Fall or Halloween themed books that you have discovered
  15. Halloween costume ideas
  16. Halloween safety tips
  17. Thanksgiving recipes (if you celebrate)
  18. Favourite seasonal drinks
  19. Fall bucket list
  20. Halloween decoration ideas/DIY or bought.
  21. Fall workout ideas
  22. Fall/autumn fashion finds
  23. Reasons why you love fall/autumn
  24. Share pictures of your Halloween costumes over the years
  25. Favourite childhood Halloween memory
  26. Carve some pumpkins and share your creations
  27. Back to school information and tips
  28. Favourite autumn scents
  29. Photo diary of the beautiful fall colours in your area
  30. Ideas for a cozy fall night in
  31. Fall/Autumn wishlist
  32. Favourite ghost stories, or local ghost stories
  33. Favourite places to visit in the fall
  34. Autumn, Thanksgiving or Halloween themed baking
  35. Favourite blogger(s)/vlogger(s) to follow this time of year
  36. Halloween candy favourites
  37. Share your favourite seasonal business decorations in the area
  38. Your fears/phobias
  39. Friday the 13th Themed movies
  40. Share local places that put on a Halloween event!



Are you taking part in Blogtober or Blogween this year?

Do have some other creative plans in the works?

I’d love to hear about them! Drop them in the comments below…


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