‘Free from’ products for your littles – HiPP Organic


This is a family business that does organic baby and toddler meals plus Free From skin care!

In 1899 HiPP began with Joseph Hipp’s wife Maria who was struggling with breastfeeding their twins. Hipp, a baker from southern Germany, decided to use his culinary skills to create a natural, nutritious rusk-based cereal that could help fill the gap between breastmilk and “real food”. Their twins thrived on it – as did their next five children! Wow!

Fast forward to today and their products are sold in 57 countries worldwide. Click here to learn more of their history.

With 260 quality checks and a personal guarantee from the HiPP family, for over 60 years they have been Organic working with nature and they believe that those baby bellies and pesky pesticides should be kept as far apart as possible!

They go above EU Organic standards, set their own tougher criteria, raising the bar PLUS it’s also why, from less acidic apples to lower nitrate spinach, they carefully select their produce so it’s naturally baby friendly too.


Their farming

They’ve enjoyed the clean air and provided water to happy, healthy animals and tasty fruit and vegetables as it matters to this company that working with nature, rather than against it, can provide us all with everything we need (since 1966)

Instead of using artificial fertilisers, their farmers run regular crop rotation and  encourage natural pest controllers like hedgehogs, owls and hawks, rather than spraying with harmful chemicals which I think is fantastic!

Their free-range fish are not organic as that would mean they were farmed  – instead they are mostly caught on the high seas and always sustainable.
All their seeds/seedlings come from organic nurseries with the soil they use is enriched with organic fertilisers that support the natural balance between synthesized pesticides!

Happy animals

‘Species-appropriate livestock farming’ is the way we make sure our cows, sheep , chickens and turkeys live happy, healthy lives, without the need for growth hormones and other drugs.

  • Chickens can roam freely in the open air, scratching and sun-bathing, and enjoying organic food themselves
  • On their own farm, we let our animals out into the woods to graze.
  •  It’s really about giving each animal or bird the space it needs to live in natural surroundings. 


Natural pesticides

Creating the the right environment for these natural friends also makes our whole world happier and healthier for everyone. 

  • They encourage owls to hunt mice, hawks to scare away pigeons and hedgehogs to deal with slugs and snails.
  • Their bats are experts at keeping insects from eating the crops! 


8,000 organic farmers who believe in what they do!

For 20 years HiPP bananas have been sourced from the same supplier in Costa Rica. HiPP’s heirloom Gros Michel bananas are grown using natural methods, providing a habitat for lots of other plants, animals and insects. Intensely flavoured with just the right natural sugar content they are delicious foods for babies.



“We’ve been following our beliefs, our dreams, our natural instincts, for four generations now.”

For more on their sustainable farming please click here.

Their ethos:

  • Green is good.
  • Organic is better.
  • Produce is more delicious when picked at its plumpest, juiciest peak.
  • Babies deserve food that tastes great to make them feel HiPP inside and out.Sustainable food.


Their promise:

  • They guarantee the highest quality ingredients that exceed EU organic standards.
  • They never add artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours to food.
  • Ingredients are picked at the peak of ripeness and then gently steam cooked to retain all the goodness and flavour.
  • Always try to minimise waste –  recipes use fruit and vegetables that are too small, big, or ‘ugly’ for supermarkets but still have all the nutrients your baby needs.
  • Remain dedicated to sustainability – working with nature and truly caring more about the environment, to keep their farmland rich and fertile for the future.






Some fantastic goodies – I’ve listed more of the details on them below!

Breakfast 1 Apple & Banana Swiss Style Muesli

Savoury Tray meals – 1 Scrumptious Lasagne and  1 Wholesome Vegetable & Chicken Risotto.

Savoury Jar – 1 Pasta with Tomatoes & Mozzarella

Free From Skincare – 1 Baby foaming handwash and 1 Head to toe baby wash.


For the blog post on the two skin care items CLICK HERE







Apple and Banana Swiss Style Muesli

Delicious wholemeal cereals with apple and banana purees.

To make the cereal is super easy I just add formula to the product and mix – that simple.

  • No added soya
  • Contains wheat
  • No added egg
  • Not gluten free
  • No added milk / lactose
  • No added peanut
  • No added nut
  • No added celery / celeriac
  • Suitable for vegetarians


IngredientsFruits* (59%) (apple puree*, banana puree*), wholemeal cereals* (41%) (wholemeal wheatflour*, wholemeal oat flakes*, wholemeal ryeflour*, wholemeal barley flour*), vitamin B1.   * Organic   For allergens, including Cereals containing Gluten, see highlighted ingredients Introduce your baby to a wide variety of vegetables and fruits during weaning.


Scrumptious Lasagne

Lasagne pasta with mixed vegetables and beef in a delicious creamy tomato and cheese sauce.

I find these trays make two meals so I half it for later/next day.

  • No added soya
  • Contains wheat
  • Contains egg
  • Not gluten free
  • Contains milk / lactose
  • No added peanut
  • No added nut
  • Contains celery / celeriac
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
IngredientsTomatoes* 41%, lasagne pasta* cooked (water, durum wheat semolina*, egg white*) 30%, carrots*, beef* 5,0%, celeriac*, rice flour*, onions*, sunflower oil*, skimmed milk powder*, grated hard cheese*, rice starch*, spices* (basil*, pepper*, oregano*, rosemary*), antioxidant (ascorbic acid, tocopherol-rich extract).   *Organic   For allergens, including Cereals containing Gluten, see highlighted ingredients.   

Wholesome Vegetable & Chicken Risotto

A delicious combination of mixed vegetables and rice simmered with chicken.

  • No added soya
  • No added wheat
  • No added egg
  • Gluten free
  • Contains milk / lactose
  • No added peanut
  • No added nut
  • Contains celery / celeriac
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
IngredientsVegetables* (32%) [Carrots*, Courgette*, Sweetcorn*, Peas* (5%), Tomatoes*, Onion*], Water, Cooked Rice* (22%), Chicken (8%), Skimmed Milk*, Sunflower Oil*, Grated Hard Cheese(Milk), Herbs* and Spices* [Parsley*, Rosemary*, Garlic*], 
Rice Starch, Lemon Juice* from Lemon Juice Concentrate, 
Salt, Antioxidants [Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol-Rich Extract].

Pasta with Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Pasta, mixed vegetables and mozzarella blended with tomatoes and the jars are widely recycled.


  • No added soya
  • Contains wheat
  • Contains egg
  • Not gluten free
  • Contains milk / lactose
  • No added peanut
  • No added nut
  • Contains celery / celeriac
  • Suitable for vegetarians

IngredientsOrganic Vegetables* (70%) [Tomatoes* (31%), Carrots*, Courgettes*, Onions*], Cooked Spaghetti* (Durum Wheat) (19%), Mozzarella* (from Cows’ Milk) (3%), Skimmed Milk Powder*, Ground Noodles* (Durum Wheat), Rapeseed Oil* 1.5%, Herbs* and Spices* (Basil*, Oregano*, Pepper*)May contain traces of egg

For allergens, including Cereals containing Gluten, see highlighted ingredients

Contains 2 portions of veg

Find out more about omega 3



Introduce your baby to a wide variety of vegetables and fruits during weaning. They will help contribute to a healthy balanced diet, providing essential vitamins and minerals.
As weaning progresses, you should aim to provide at least 5 different vegetables and fruits a day. Portion sizes will be smaller than those recommended for adults in the ‘5 a day’ campaign, but as a guide a toddler will probably have around 40g as a portion.


Both savoury and sweet plus all different ages from 4 months plus.

  • Pouches – Apple, banana and raspberry breakfast and pear, banana and kiwi.
  • Jars – Breakfast Layer – strawberry cereal topped with yogurt and Carrots, cauliflower & peas.
  • Fruit pots – apple and pear, fruit and pieces, peach and mango etc.
  • Tray meals – such as classic spag bol and paella.
  • Cereal – such as baby rice and Banana and plum muesli. 
  • Formula – First infant milk, Follow on milk, Hungry infant milk Growing Up milk, Goodnight milk and so on.
  • Drinks – such as apple juice with mineral water or mixed fruit juice and mineral water.


You can buy the food from lots of Supermarkets:
  • Asda
  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Waitrose
  • Co-operative
  • Sainsburys

Skincare you can buy from:

  • Boots
  • Ocado
  • Superdrug
hipp logo
Check out their Website they offer so much information from Babies development to breastfeeding to Foods to avoid!

You can even check out:

Due date calculator

Pregnancy Week by Week

Advice Centre

Join Hipp baby club 


I’ve been buying HIPP products for quite a while now from my first child (who is nearly 9) as I love their ethos of organic, healthy food!
I think as a mum sometimes you can’t always make a healthy meal, for several reasons, tiredness, busy lifestyle or maybe not confident in cooking or lacking ideas.
What I’ve found useful with these meals whether jars or tray meals is that there is always a meal at hand – my third child (who is still an infant) has enjoyed their sweet and savoury in both jars and cereal food.
With my children I made things home made – with my first I specifically set out to make baby food but with my second and third it was more food I was eating purred/mashed up but lets be honest do we always make ourselves the best food? Well, I don’t. So for me baby food pre-done to have in and warm is a win-win in my book.

Check out their website, Instagram and Facebook

For more food related blog posts please see:

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