10 reasons why to use cloth pads / 7 tips on making them last!


  1. Reusable pads save the planet due to less plastic – keep thousands of disposable feminine hygiene products out of landfills.
  2. They also might save your body due to less chemicals.
  3. They are highly absorbent.
  4. They are gentler on your budget after purchasing all you need – save money by not having to buy pads each and every month.
  5. They don’t smell – more breathable material – experience the comfort of wearing soft, non-synthetic fabrics next to your body.
  6. They are so cute – you can get great designs.
  7. They stay in one place while you move – never again deal with an adhesive wing getting stuck in the wrong place.
  8. They are more comfortable due to it being cloth.
  9. They are becoming available at major retailers
  10. They work great with menstrual cups.





1. Avoid fabric softener or fragrances. These can make your pads less absorbent, and can contribute to irritation.

2. Don’t use bleach. It degrades the fabric, especially the area around the snap. Using bleach is the quickest way to wear out your pads!

3. Pre-soak in a container before washing to keep your cloth pads stain free. Always change the soaking water every day for hygiene.

4. Always wash in cold water as it doesn’t stress the cotton fibers and is better for the environment and your energy bill! Everybody wins.

5. Stock up as the more cloth pads you have, the fewer times each one gets used during your cycle, giving you more time before you need to replenish your items.

6. Most of us use way more detergent than we need to (I know I do) and more detergent does not equal more clean! The excess will build up on your pads,  reducing their absorbency and making them wear out more quickly so use less.

7. Line dry outside, drying rack, radiator. The heat of a dryer slowly damages cloth pads, shortening their lifespan. Plus, if you dry outside, the sun will act as a natural stain fighter! If you prefer to use the dryer, always choose the lowest setting.


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1. What styles are there?

There are loads of sizes, shapes and colours! Loads! If you have a look you can see loads of them and you’ll see the choices of styles, sizes and fabrics are massive. There are more options for cloth pad customization than you’ll ever find among the disposables and not only can you choose the best size and absorbency for your needs, but you get to choose the colors and patterns that most reflect your personal style too.


2.How often should I change a cloth pad?

You will probably need to change your reusable pad one to six times a day just depending on your flow.

You’ll know it’s time to switch out the pad if it starts to feel wet next to your skin. Naturally, the heavier your flow, the more often you’ll have to change pads and the lighter your flow, the longer you can get away with between changes.



3. How much money can I expect to save by switching to reusable pads?

Most women can expect to deal with 35 years of menstruation during their lifetime – what!? For more about periods click to Netdoctor.

That can cost you thousands of pounds in products over time and although the cloth pads costs more initially when you switch to cloth pads, you’ll spend a lot less on feminine hygiene.

Everyone’s cycle is different of course and so is the age when they start to use cloth pads. 



4. Do reusable pads have an adour?

Less moisture means fewer bacteria to produce unwanted smells.

The good new is cloth pads tend to say fresher than disposable pads because their fabric breathes which allows moisture to evaporate.

If you do notice an odd smell, common bacterial imbalances could be to blame. That’s something to check out with a doctor – click here for 20 Facts on vaginas PLUS #smearforsmear help and facts.

They are hygienic and menstrual cloths are generally safe to use and many women seem to like them! 

The biggest medical risk with any menstrual hygiene product that sits against your vulva is inadequate absorbency. If the cloth or pad is wet, it will irritate the skin of course! Irritation from the actual material itself does happen, but that is much less common. If you are not wet and don’t feel irritated then the reusable pad or cloth you are using is likely just fine.


5. Can  cloth pads be used for incontinence?

People with this issue usually need to wear some kind of protection every day. Cloth pads absolutely can be used for light incontinence.

When they wear disposable, plastic-based products, they run an increased risk of getting yeast and bacterial infections plus ordinary irritation and chafing.

Cloth pads can be lovely for people who need to wear a pad every day due to their comfort and breathability.


6. Can I use cloth pads immediately after giving birth?

Cloth pads are an excellent choice for postpartum wear, especially the longer and thicker overnight pads and Cloth postpartum pads seem to be a natural choice for women who choose cloth diapers for their babies.

Many women soak their pads in soothing formulations to wear against their skin to promote comfort and healing after giving birth. 


7. Aren’t reusable pads bulkier than disposables?

It all depends on the pads as some pads are made leak resistant by the thickness of their fabrics but other cloth pads have a waterproof lining, so they require less cotton fabric than pads with no waterproof backing.

The thickness of the pad also varies based on the flow level the pads are designed for, and whether they’re an all in-one system or have adjustable inserts.


8. What’s the difference between regular and organic cotton pads?

While it’s true that you can buy organic cotton disposable products, they still create the same amount of landfill waste as non-organic cotton.

Organic cloth pads are made of fabric that was grown without pesticides or herbicides. Less of these chemicals means less pollution and less damage to the environment. Also, it means less exposure to toxins for the people who work on the farm where the cotton grows. 


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For more Vagina info: 

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  1. Oh wow, I’ve never heard of reusable pads before. Love that there’s another options like this its much more economical and practical.

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  2. Thanks for enlightening us. I can totally see the benefit of using reusable pads, but still find the thought of using them a little scary. I guess it’s just about changing mindsets and having open dialogue about it. Thanks for making me pause for thought…

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