The one lesson I’d tell my younger self.


Let’s talk niche, shall we?



1. a shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display a statue or other ornament.

2. a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.

Growing up I always felt profoundly different to others in the sense I didn’t fit in. My sister was ill. I was ill. I couldn’t understand my own feelings, I felt peer pressure, I did stupid things trying to figure out what I was trying to process. I couldn’t focus.

I took bus trips alone. I was sat on that bus with my shitty Walkman and CD listening to Evanescence or Good Charlotte (classics)

On my wall was pasted with Taking Back Sunday, Paramore, Panic! at the Disco… I was that emo kid. I had the fingerless gloves. True story.

As an adult, parent, social media user, 4evagoff… I see all these people always trying to categorize people.

I struggle to find any niche, my social media is a jumble of everything because I just can’t confirm to that. I want to be able to share mental health rants, show cool products, talk about parenting, share depressing memes, say s*&$ without some ‘perfect’ human judging, for them to expect me to have the same content day in day out.

I’m bored. It bores me.

So why put people into these ‘niches.’


Why are we having to conform to what society depicts of us?

Why can’t people accept we aren’t one dimensional beings?

People will say you’re crazy for being different or ‘quirky’ as I was called. Still called.

Well, good. I wish all those years ago I just told people to fuck themselves rather than be oppressed.

If you’re lucky enough to be different don’t change it.

We aren’t going to get anywhere blending.

That’s what I’d tell my younger self.

Don’t change it.

We may be able to put a filter on our looks on Instagram (for example, tha is Instagram for giving me lashes!)… But remember there is no real life filter for your personality.

You may have your character scrutinised or people try to change you, to morph you but you will always shine through. We can’t live our lives filtered into societies depiction of how it should be.

That’s what I teach my children, wear your uniform. Eat your god damn vegetables but…

Never. Fucking. Fit. In.

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