TEN negatives to social media

1. The entirely false things people post online leading people to believe they arent good enough, that we need an expensive lifestyle, that our houses aren’t pretty enough, that we should be going abroad every 2 weeks etc.

2. The ‘like’ culture. I feel if I haven’t enough likes on a post either from a gifted product, parenting post or other that it isnt successful.

3. There is 168 hours in a week and I was working non paid for probably about 100 hours a week trying to grow my brand (and name I guess) I literally wasn’t sleeping. My whole focus was thinking I NEED to keep up I need to be posting ALL the time.

4. It’s exhausting to be online 24/7 to keep up with everyone and everything, if you aren’t in it then you aren’t involved therefore you are forgotten – it’s sheep mentality. The sheep literally follow the herd – one week someone is popular and the next they hate them because everyone else hates them.

5. The ‘popularity’ game. I get it companies/brands only want to work with the people with a high following but sometimes they have utter shit content and actually don’t post thoughtful things or try hard they just do one shit image and that’s it.

6. The only way people can grow is if you know people who are more popular. Starting from the bottom a small fish in a small pond is honestly soul draining and that’s why for about 4 months I haven’t been trying to grow because everyone is wanting to achieve the same thing.
I’m not actually unique, we’re literally all the same – yes, I’m a single mother of 3 with mixed race children with experience of mental health issues and relationships where I’ve been mentally abused or cheated on but that situation may feel unique to me but actually in the grand scheme of things where online there are probably about 4 billion we all blend into one mass of stories. Everyone has a story.

7. Posting content people don’t view or care about when you think it’s good enough and it isn’t.

8. Fake news. People bulshit for attention and people aren’t posting things that matter and the superficial can be tedious.

9. Same shit different day.

10. It’s called ‘social media’ when at times it’s anything BUT social. I’ve been finding myself being online ignoring my friends because I’m not there to be social but to work. It’s ‘working media.’

6 thoughts on “TEN negatives to social media

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  1. Every content has an advantage and disadvantage. But the thing is that social media is not effective to younger generation since it attracts the teens in giving the wrong message most of the time. And so many people have lost their wealth and many of them live also due to insecure

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  2. Social media is time-consuming. I’ve been trying to be better about taking a step back and focusing more on actual writing, however, that is often easier said than done. It can be good for interaction, but it also can take away from enjoying what is right in front of you.

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  3. I find social media great for interacting with others, however agree with your post that there can be some huge negatives. There are too many in it for big dollars, attention or both. I found if I can identify and steer away from those and limit time spent on social media it can be enjoyable

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