FIFTY Blogger stereotypes – are you any?!

So, this is just a fun post not intended to cause offense and let’s face it lots of us fall victim to cliches – myself included!


  1. 1.
    a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
    “the stereotype of the woman as the carer”
    synonyms: standard/conventional image, received idea, cliché, hackneyed idea, formula

    “the stereotype of the alcoholic as a down-and-out vagrant”


So many stereotypes out there such as men do football and women make good mothers but in this blog post lets start of with a general comment bloggers can get – the first thing I have heard people say to me is “blogging can’t be that hard.”

Incorrect – First we have to brainstorm about new content, write the content, create images, confirm that our SEO is on point (mine never is), promote the posts on all social sites and respond to comments. Don’t forget that also balancing jobs and/or social lives and/or parenting.

Blogging, when done correctly, takes a lot of energy and a huge time commitment.

It’s fun but also hard work.

The thing is, bloggers are just people.

People have opinions, likes and dislikes and to be able to create content all the time and keep up within their niche is hard and can be exhausting – it’s basically like its own job as social media is so fast paced and things are in and out of trending so quickly!

All bloggers have different styles, techniques, interests, skill sets and unique qualities just like every other human!

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Example of a stereotype.




1. All bloggers post at least once saying they are so sorry that they haven’t posted but they’ve been busy.

2. All bloggers are obsessed with marble.

3. All bloggers pose in front of tea shops.

4. All bloggers use liquid gold skin care and only use beauty products made with anything gold related or GlamGlow. Or in my case liquid products with pipettes.

5. All bloggers love macaroons – won’t lie I do.

6. All bloggers work in their pyjamas.

7. All bloggers are vegan.

8. All bloggers drink starbucks.

9. All bloggers take photos of everything just incase.

10. All bloggers fake a beautiful life.

11. All bloggers pretend to like each other when in fact they don’t and tear each other down for their success.

12. All bloggers stand on their tip toes especially when in swimwear.

13. All bloggers showcase their glass of Prosecco and picture of their passport just when they are fly away.

14. All bloggers go to blogger events.

15. All bloggers have black and white house aesthetics, such as, a black and white rug.

16. All bloggers have made a coffee or herbal tea for photo purposes only.

17. All bloggers like avocado on toast. Or avocado anything.

18. All bloggers post pictures of their fresh nails.

19. All bloggers are happy to work for ‘exposure’ because they obviously don’t have bills to pay.

20. All bloggers love wearing sweatshirts, t-shirts and jumpsuits.

21. All bloggers have a Mac laptop – I wish.

22. All bloggers have an iPhone.

23. All bloggers pose in front of flower walls.

24. All bloggers end up in a Lavender field on Instagram.

25. All bloggers have that one blank wall either in their house or outside to stand in front of for OOTD posts.

26. All bloggers love peonies and roses.

27. All bloggers want to be famous.

28. All bloggers have a yellow coat – oops that’s me!

29. All bloggers obsessively photo every meal.

30. All bloggers have an Instagram boyfriend to take pictures of them.

31. All bloggers drink gin.

32. All bloggers want free things.

33. All bloggers are rich.

34. All bloggers take pics of themselves Infront of strangers front doors.

35. All bloggers say they have mental health issues and ‘relatable.’

36. All bloggers do arm swatches.

37. All bloggers are obsessed with rose gold.

38. All bloggers are making lots of money.

39. All bloggers know each other.

40. All bloggers use FaceTune/photo editors.

41. All bloggers think that they’re above everyone else.

42. All bloggers look away from the camera and out into the distance for photographs

43. All bloggers love grey and blush tones.

44. All bloggers love flat lays.

45. All bloggers are millennials who are too lazy to get real jobs.

46. All bloggers are self entitled and expect everything from cheap products to 5 star holidays for nothing.

47. All bloggers buy things just to take a photo of.

48. All parent bloggers bribe their children for the perfect image.

49. All bloggers are obsessed with rose gold.

50. All bloggers love planners and labels.



  1.  “Let’s buy some flowers to make my blog photos look good.”
  2. “I can only come out after dark, I need to take my blog photos during the day.”
  3. “Oh daylight, best film a youtube video before it gets dark, oh wait no I live in the UK, it’s constantly dark.”
  4. “I need a Canon 600D because it will make my blog photos look amazing, I wont bother learning how to use it, the camera will do all the hard work for me.”
  5. “YAYYYY… New post delivery!”
  6. “No, sorry I can’t come out tonight I’m blogging.”



  1. “#PRrequest holiday anyone?”
  2. “Send me links, I will totally ignore them in the hope you will look at mine.”
  3. “I am a PR friendly blogger, this means companies should send me loads of things.”
  4. “Can’t make the chat tonight, here’s my like.”


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