SPILLING TEA – companies I’ve worked with in my FIRST YEAR of blogging!


So, as you can see in the title this blog post is going to be all the fantastic companies I’ve worked with this year! Any not mentioned is because I’ve either forgot or maybe just not found the product not fantastic although think I’ve wrote them all!

My blog is now a year old – I haven’t got a custom domain yet purely as I’m still new I’m not confident in my brand name, niche or even in my writing as every week I learn something new whether it be how to structure a blog to how to edit a website to photography so I’m happy in learning as I go and seeing how or if I expand in different areas. To me that’s what it’s about – just getting your voice out there and being creative.

I’ve had some great opportunities to review, try and explore some great items this year which don’t always go on the blog as I spread everything to social channels too.

I spend a lot of time trying to create various content for different social media sites such as videos or images.

The list below isn’t organised into specific blogs, vlogs or images as I work on so many sites and I haven’t also put them into categories such as beauty, toys or food as literally it would take me forever, sorry!

I’ve had a lot of great advice over this year, one of them being stop stressing and the other being “write and they will come” but even if people don’t, I’ve felt I’ve met a lot of lovely people and done things I would never of got to try.

Disclosure – non of these posts I’ve been paid for but just gifted items.


Current companies I work with:


Pixi Beauty

Alex Silver PR – been sent Norvelle tanning, Easter bundle and Hempz hair care.

Sniph perfume – I’ve been sent two perfumes of their ‘Trending now’




Past companies I worked with regularly/twice:

Mam – I was sent regular things to review, even got a christmas card but no longer work with them. Check out my youtube video that’s had 2.8k views! (A success for me!) And blog post. I also took part in their baby loss Awareness week campaign via youtube and Instagram.

Betty Box – sent me two items for two months to review.

Baby Led Spreads – sent me the savoury food jars to review and months later sent their new range of sweet jars to review.

Project Mc2 Ultimate Makeover Bag and Project Mc2 Spybag

JessieBakes – reviewed two lots of items.

Mini-U for Kids – received 3 lots of packages plus done a giveaway with them hopefully one day maybe more who knows!?





One off items sent for review:


Binxy Baby. click here to shop!


Bemama – sent two lots of products for images.

Milky Tee.co  – one cute breastfeeding top!


Treat Trunk Box – subscription Snack box.

Yumbox Review (and more!)


Salt of the Earth – Vegan Roll on Deodorant.

INTIMINA – for Kegels.

Buttons Reusable Diapers

ScrummyU Natural Skincare – Lip balm & Kids Mousse review

FOREO ISSA 2 Electric Toothbrush – no longer works

Grabease fork and Spoon set

Little Brian At Paint Sticks.

Kit & Kin Eco Friendly Nappies and Skincare

Eat, Sleep, Doodle 

Natures Bounty Vitamins review

PROCOAL London – about Activated Charcoal plus Clay Mask and Powder Review

Aloka Sleepy Lights

Harry & Rose Baby Product Review

Fiercely Female – a clothing company with inspiring tees!



Peppersmith uk.

Hape Toys  – exploring the world of Bamboo toys

Ivory Online.

Bowspoke Creations

Baby Box

Naturli vegan products – falafel, butter, mince.

My 1st Photos

Letterbox Lab

Deenosaur Bluetooth toothbrush

Ace cleaning products

Raduga Teas.

Zimpli Kids.

B-Sensible bedding. – ASMR vlog here.

Safety First.

Mama Bamboo

Alya face mask.

Fierce Mamas Club

Stars Sage box

Higgidy Pie

Bahlsen Biscuits



Be My Bear

Stikets UK

Matilda Moo by ‘Tanglible Stationery’

The Little black and white Project

Willow and Wild box

Snooze shade.

Tidy Tot.

Bleep BleepsSuzy Snooze

Snooze Squad Louth.

Nutrigen Kids – check out my Instagram post!

Claudi and Finn

Mulberry Seed Nix play

Bear YoYo.

Forgotten Forest book by Oh Zoe BooksCheck out the vlog!

Lemon Detox.

Naturelly Jelly.

Kit and Kinn Living


Eves Parcel.

Your Sommelier wine Subscription box- vlog review.

Savage wines Subscription box – vlog review.

DKL toys Hama Beads box opening and trial here!

Willow by the Sea

Wrights baking vlog baking review and check out our tasty bakes on instagram!

THXSILK – silk bedding!

Cetaphil sample review

Frezyderm – sampling their suncare!

Child’s Farm – product review

Mambeno meal plans which you can purchase

Hempz Honey & Milk Skincare Range

Kiddyum Frozen Meals!

Eco lunch Ware – check out the vlog!

Monsoonseasonuk Pink Himalayan salt featured in a cooking vlog.

Milkshake Hair Products

Shark DuoClean Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away

Grow wild facebook photo of growing your own (legal) mushrooms!

Bloomsbury Mill – Instagram post here.

Janna Skin care – Instagram post here.

Fraw Shakes vlog here.

Fox and Weave 3 small personalised items

Craze snack subscription box 

Carlton books Instagram post here.

Baby Bear Bubbles

Arnicare and the Rescue Remedy Capsules

Matchstick Monkey

Smol Products trial box

Schar Gluten free products

Coldzyme UK

Wake up cup

The Collective kids yoghurt pouches

NHD productsBuddha bitch see my post on twitter!

Eggnog colour in pencil case.




Places visited:

The Deep in Hull – tickets and gift bag provided.

Rushmore Country farm and falconry in Louth – tickets provided – check out the vlog!

I’ve also had the opportunity to go to London and visit the McDonald’s headquarters to try the brand new vegetarian menu – courtesy of Britmums.




Companies for influencers to join:

I’ve trialled things for these companies to just add either reviews to supermarkets, their site and social media shares.

Bzzagent – I’ve received one box of organic Kelloggs.

Insiders UK – I’ve tried:

Trnd  Iams vlog box opening had to remove other reviews due to concerns over if cruelty free or not.

Free 4 you – they send random things you can apply for, very rare but still worth a try.

Savvy Circle – I tried Olay.

Home Tester Club.

Team Come Round Bassets vitamin week

Britmums – I’ve tried:

Talk to Mums – a packet of Hula Hoop pufts, and Bassetts Vitamins.

Emmas Diary – Parent Power Panel  Organic Lavender products for babies – by Green people!


Hope this helps anyone! I’ve been fortunate to be involved in all these!


My social sites where I put alsorts of various content!



 Facebook page 




8 thoughts on “SPILLING TEA – companies I’ve worked with in my FIRST YEAR of blogging!

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  1. You’ve done amazing work in you’re first year of blogging Bry. If I didn’t like you so much I could end up being quite jealous!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! What an impressive list. How do you get to review things, receive samples etc? I just go to places and review because I enjoy doing that and think it can be helpful for other parents. I haven’t reviewed products or had any tickets :0 #alittlebitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t gone self hosted yet, I’m happy with wordpress.com holding my hand!! It’s mad how many reviews you can get done and don’t even realise how many you’ve had! Keep up the good work! #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

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